New Player seeking help

Please explain how can Kenjiro heroe appear as often? I’ve got like 6 or 7 of them today…

Kinjiro is a one or two star hero (sorry i can’t remember). 1 and 2 star heros are generally referred to as feeder heros. Until you get better heroes a leveled 2 star can fill a purpose in your roster, otherwise you feed them to your stronger heros to make them stronger. Depending on what set of training camps I’m running and what levels I’m farming, I’m willing to bet I’ve had days where I recieved hundreds of kinjiro and fed them away without a second thought.


Can anyone advice on training camps please?
If I build camps and do research only for holy and rare or lower rarity heroes then I will get ONLY them when I will do research for Very Low Cost one??
And if I just use those “advanced” camps…
Thank you a lot in advance!

Sorry, life was busy yesterday. For training camps I would only research 1, 2, 11, 13, 19, and 20. There is very little need for color specific training early in the game (if it is ever needed).

I would then level up a hero of each color because when you feed to the same color you get a 20% bonus on experience recieved.

The reason not to do color specific training is the cost of the research and the fact that the heros produced cost more than from other sources (so, by producing random colors and feeding to the same color the process is much more efficient)


Thank you a lot! So far so good!
Sorry to bother you,but you are like my game guru now…if I may ask you:
If both heroes skills summing up for mana reduction please? I have heroes Li Xiu with 20% and now as well Azar with 25% of reduction

And another question just pop up.
If Extra Team member that I buy will be added temporary or permanent please? As it doesn’t state there :grinning:

If I understand your question, you can hit with multiple mana reducing heros in one turn, so if you hit with both Li Xiu and Azar in one turn you would reduce all enemies by 20% (li), and one enemy an additional 25% (Azar).

The thing you need to watch is that some specials will overwrite others. The thing to note is if they use the same symbol they will overwrite each other see here: 📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

As to your second question, if you buy extra roster spaces or extra teams you keep those permanently.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile: :star_struck:
You the :star2: star!
Wow! That is very helpful!

I’d skip tc19 it’s not really needed until you been playing for a year or more can always go back to it down the road


Very good point. @Mr_Smile, I would skip 19

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Any idea why when you collect craft things you need to click it and then click Collect when in same time it is already simplified on iron and food collection just by one click on icon?? :roll_eyes:
And any idea if Aife and Jill are sisters? Looks same to me…just haircut different :rofl:

You should try to join a teaching alliance. There is a page on this forum concerning alliances. You should find an active alliance that welcomes newer players.

@Mr_Smile, I’m moving away from the forum.

A training alliance is a great place to start. If i had room in mind I would invite you. If you search the forum you should find one. If it isn’t wicking and helpful move on until you find a good one.

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