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So I’m leveling Kiril right now, but just did a few pulls and got Miki (yay!) I’m training my life away so I have a LOT of 1/2/3* feeders, since it’s harder to feed 5+ than 4* my question is should I just feed Kiril the 1/2s and use the 3s on Miki, or should I just use everything on Kiril until he’s maxed and keep my order of leveling consistent.

Just to note I don’t plan on maxing Miki before finishing Kiril as overall I do like to finish one unique color hero at a time , this is just about trying to maximize XP in leveling and seeing if it makes sense to utilize my 3 feeders more effectively vs just leveling to finish off a zero

Thanks in advance.

The only real advantage to splitting feeders is to save food cost at higher levels. I personally don’t think it’s worth it. Push Kiril through then switch to Miki.


@Srob okay thanks, @jinbatsu I’ve made great progress on my leveling order thanks to you :slight_smile:


If Kirils power is on 8 feed him the 3s will help get it maxed faster. If he is NOT on 8 do NOT feed him the 3s

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