Relatively new to the game

Hello, so after one week or so I managed to get couple of 3 star and 4 star heroes. Now I would like to kindly ask you which of them should I work on first to give me good allround team. Especially not sure about blue heroes. If I should focus on Kiril first or Gato?

Work on maxing three to four 3* heroes of each color before busying yourself on 4* heroes as the former will help you get ascension materials for your latter.

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Red: Azar -> Jahangir -> Sumle
Blue: Gato -> Karil -> Kiril -> Sonya
Green: Berden -> Brienne -> Muggy
Purple: Fura
Yellow: Bane -> Agnes -> Melia -> Li Xiu

By the time you level about two of these heroes in each colour you would have new heroes and will need to reassess the levelling order again.
Dont worry about any 1* or 2*. Use them all to level your other heroes.

Good luck!

IMPORTANT: Please lock your heroes you want to keep. To do this, tap on the hero to see the card, then tap the padlock in the top left corner.
Oh, and you don’t want to join the First Bane Feeder’s Club, so make sure you lock him!


As you don’t really have any healers I’d focus on getting Kiril up as you’ll be using him for a long time.

Finish off Berden, Azar and Bane.

Level Brienne, Melia and Fura as you don’t have any other options in purple. Get them as high as you can.

After that do Agnes & Gato.

You could go with a defense of Melia - Brienne - Kiril (tank) - Azar- Fura if you wanted a rainbow defense.

Or as you have some part leveled - Bane - Berden - Kiril - Azar - Fura. You could do this defense quicker than the first

Sonya is great if you can get the materials for her after Kiril is done

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Wow, thank you so much. Should I use emblems on 3stars as well? Or rather keep them for 4 or 5 stars heroes?

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I’d save them for now mate. Some 3*s will be worth emblems if you plan to use them in tournaments but personally I’d save them up for future use later in the game

Do whatever this guy said. He’s already give u the best suggestion on ur current situation

Since you’ve played for just a week, your main activity is advancement through Season 1 provinces to get as much different crafting and ascension items as possible, plus you build your stronghold and other buildings. For that you need a healer and the only one you have so far is Kirill. So, I agree with @averagejoe33 that you need to work on Kirill as a first blue. Bring him to 3.60 and make sure that his special skill is maxed (8 out of 8).

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I didn’t have a healer for the first 6 months of the game. Still finished S1 and got somewhere in S2.

Was the game a LOT easier once I had a healer (firmly in the I :heart: Rigard club)? Definitely. But at all of a week in he’s a way from needing one desperately. I’d focus on 3s exclusively for awhile.

Pretty sure you’ll get Hawkmoon or Belith (3* healer) soon, so you can level up Gato before Kirill. But, if you desperately need healer, then Kirill first.

3* heroes isn’t difficult to obtain. Unless RNG won’t let you have any specific heroes which usually a 4* or 5* hero.

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