[new player] Advice on team comps

Hi there. been playing for about 2 weeks now.
Before i go investing too far into characters that might not be worth it, can anyone suggest what i should work on please with my current roster.

Looking at raids / titans and BG’s.

Have already spent time on Balt/Li Xiu/Boril/Kasha and Kelile as they were my first summons

Many thanks, great community.


Looks like you’re doing fine. I would just prioritize boldtusk over kelile.


At two weeks you farm. Farm, again. Farm some more. You have to understand grinding.


yeah. i’m upgrading everything as much as i can, and just started on upgrading troops too.

Troops at your level are bad investments.

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Okay, you’re doing fine. I’d suggest leaving the 5* til last, it’ll be awhile til you can even ascend them to third. Zimkitha maybe for the cleanse, as you don’t have Rigard, but I’d wait with Justice. I’d do 4* first, like you’ve been doing, then 3* for war events and to fill out your roster, then 5*.

Am I missing something? What is BG?

Anyway, leveling:

Red: Finish Kelile then do Boldtusk for the heal and buff, Gormek to help with titans (4*) Next, Zim (if you need cleanse ASAP I’d maybe do Zim before Gormek) (5*) (Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar) Jahangir (3*)

Blue: I’d rather get Kiril up in the works so you have a solid healer with an amazing buff, then continue with Boril. (4*) Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar for the link (3*)

Green: Kashhrek will be your tank for a long time- so you can keep working on him, then I’d do Little John (4*) (Belith, Berden, Brienne) Carver, Isshtak (3*)

Yellow: Li Xiu’s mana control is nice so I’d keep with her til you get Wu Kong (4*) Bane (Gan Ju, Kailani for link) (3*) Justice makes a decent tank once you get to leveling her up (5*)

Purple: Finish Balthazar, then Tyrum, Vlad, Oberon, Renfeld (3*) Finish off and dump the 3* purple you’re working on once you get a 4* replacement

Any Atlantis characters I would keep one copy of (if you do pulls then), all of the 3* are good and there’s some good 4* in there too.

Overall though you’re on the right track, just keep plugging away! Long road ahead of you, good luck :blush:


wow @RandaPandah thank you. that is an excellent breakdown and great advice.

BG - i mean Wars, not battlegrounds :slightly_smiling_face:

I was torn between Boril and Kiril - but you have confirmed what i thought and will move over to Kiril.

Kash i am happy with, but have actually been using Li Xiu as my tank.

Balthatzar is good but he is so squishy and is normally my first dead guy, even flanking Kash for the heals.

Thank you for you help, much appreciated. :):couplekiss_man_woman:

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Always happy to help :blush: I know these first few months can be rough while you’re still figuring out all of the characters and game mechanics.

Boril will still be a great help, but having someone who heals and buffs your whole team is more vital for you right now than his counterattack. It was between Kelile and Boril (Boldtusk and Kiril) and you’re further with Kelile, plus you don’t have any fast 4* snipers except for her anyway, so you’ll want her leveled.

Li Xiu makes an excellent tank, but Kashhrek is the best 4* tank out right now, so I’d consider making him tank once he’s stronger (flanked with Li and Boril/Kiril) with Balthazar and Kelile in the wings.

By the way, this forum has a lot of good reads so if you’re ever wondering where to farm, what characters are better than others, how to build teams for titans, etc. You can find that all out here by either searching it, or asking nearly anyone. Everything I’ve learned has come from both this forum or through experience, so it’s awesome you found the forum as early as you did.

Now, just don’t go feeding any of your 5* to your 4*, or any fully ascended 3* to your 4*, and I think you’ll be okay :wink: Feel free to ask any questions, anytime. I’m usually around, so I’ll try to help when I can.


Oops, almost forgot to mention: when you do get a 4* purple to replace squishy Balthazar, wait til they’re at second ascension and close to level 50 before switching them out. Your 3* will be stronger than your 4* (in stats) up until 2/50 I believe. & 4* are [usually] stronger than 5* (in stats) at 3/60 vs 2/60 and 4/70 vs 3/70. Team Power is very misleading so just be aware of that and compare your heroes stats before switching any out for good.

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will do :slight_smile: and thank you for the additional advice. Balt hits hard, but is sooo squishy.

Wouldn’t i be better having her flank Kash for the heals, with Li or Kiril flank the far wings since they have more HP?

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Once you get Kiril out there, you won’t need to worry about your heroes healing as long as he’s flanking. & Typically you want fast manas on the wings as it doesn’t take much for them to charge; they’re mostly there for cleaning up the mess after your first three take a couple down.

Li flanking will give her enough time to charge, protect, and cut everyone’s mana down in the process, and with Kiril flanking- he’ll charge enough to heal and buff everyone’s attack and defense (so he should be on the left flank since specials go from left to right when it’s the Al). Balthazar isn’t strong enough to flank, he’ll die fairly quickly.

The best defenses are the ones where it’s tough enough to get through the tank, and even more tough if you can’t get through the flanks either.

If someone breaks through your tank, it’s much easier to call that a win since you can ghost tiles to charge your heroes. The more they kill, the more room to ghost, the easier it is to win that fight.

By the way, ghosting is throwing tiles through the open spaces to charge your heroes faster, without letting the enemy gain any mana from it. Definitely something you’ll want to do while raiding as soon as you kill the tank, and especially when there’s only one or two heroes left (rather than hitting them with tiles and letting them gain mana to hit you back)


If they paid you per word you’d be rich in like a day lol


I’d be cool with that :sunglasses:

I think I could probably ramble on forever, especially if someone’s paying me to do it.

There’s just too many words that need typing; I need to make sure I include everything and in great detail to be sure the point is getting across. I try to summarize my own posts sometimes, which usually turns a few paragraphs into several, but that way people can skip to the bottom if they don’t want to deal with all of my words :joy:


Will you pau for proofing?

Check paragraph on ghosting.

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Wait, are you asking me to proof read my own reply?

If there’s a mistake there, please feel free to correct it

Kiril is all purpose hero, good for offense, titans and defence also. Boril is tough, but more useful on defence. Kiril special strengthening the entire team, riposte protects only 3.

Kiril (and any healer) on the wings is vulnerable after all hitters are dead, also sometimes doesn’t get enough tile hits to get activated. Alliance war with healing bonus might be an exception for this.

I would follow advice from @RandaPandah, maybe put Kiril to the left and Li to the right, so Kiril might get activated before Li hits.


Free?! I am asking wages for work.

That’s it…STRIKE

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@EMTBear has stated she was at two weeks in game.

One of you wizards want to tell me where Kiril belongs in a farming team. You need resources to build that yeam everyone is telling her about.


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I disagree, you need a solid healer first, or else you’re wasting a lot of resources on pots and less likely to survive farming or anything else. Plus, Kiril is a lot more versatile than Boril. This team is clearly strong enough to farm 8-7, and by 2/50 they should be able to handle province 12 for mats.

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I’m not even getting paid, so unless you agree to pay me, I’m not paying you either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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