New-ish player just looking for help with teams

Definitely listen to these guys!! It’s great to have 5*, but you must build 3&4* to get those ascension mats you will need to ascend them. Also, I did the same thing. I was new and forced my brothers and husband to play (all addicted now lol) so I could create an alliance. It grew rapidly, but I’m very strict on participation. If you kick an inactive, a new one will join. Make your expectations clear on the banner.We are doing well now, but I’m on this forum daily getting info! I coach my teammates, encourage them, and I will kick for non participation:)


Blue: Since Frida is almost to 2/60, get her there and pause. Then work on Triton. If you get Kiril, Sonya or Grimm, work on them before finishing Isarnia


Green: Finish Kasshrek to 3/60, then Little John. Eventually you’ll want to max both of them and Caedmon.


Yellow: Finish Wu. You have the materials to max him, so do it. Priority one. After that work on Gretel, then finish Chao. Hu Tao doesn’t need to ever go past 3/60.


Purple: finish Sabina, then work on Proteus. If you get stuck waiting for materials, move on to Rigard before Ameonna. You’ll want to max Proteus and Rigard when you can.


Thank you for the breakdown @NPNKY. I appreciate it severely. As for extra 4 stars not shown:

Red: Scarlett 1/19, Kelile 1/16
Green: Skittleskull 1/10, Melendor 1/1
Blue: Sonya 1/36, Grimm 1/1
Yellow: none
Purple: None


It’s really hard to advance as an alliance with inactive players. I’ve found it is much more enjoyable to have active players who are excited to see progress.

I lead a family of 3 alliances, so I understand the worries about not having enough people. However, you’re better off with 12 active players than with 12 active and 12 deadweight.


Since you have Sonya and Grimm, work on them before Triton.
Melendor is worth maxing. Skittles can stop at 3/60.
Scarlett is worth maxing. Kelile is okay, but there are better red 4*


I’m no E&P guru, but I’ve picked up a fair amount of knowledge in my time here. I also happen to have a low-level alt account in need of a new home! What’s your alliance called? And would you mind if I joined?

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Feel free to join in @Stargasm . We aren’t a bad group I just want more active people. We are Mhmmm

@SuuriKoira sorry I am at the maximum replies for the first day so hopefully you can see this lol:

I’m just at 14 right now. I know I need to get up to 20. So 3 mines at 13 and 7 farms at 14. 1 TC14 1 TC11 and 1 TC6 maybe 7. Barracks at 4 I think. And houses at about 9? I can hold exactly 100 recruits so that.

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@NewGuy143, what is your level of Stronghold and other buildings?

Oops, I have never known of such a limit. Sorry about that.

I’d strongly recommend a VIP pass if you haven’t used it yet. Two builders speed up your progress significantly. With your rich roster you’ll definitely need tons of feeders and fir that you need as much training camps as possible at level 11.

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A little bit of a bump but now that I have both Caedmon and Kashrek at 3/60, which should i ascend first @NPNKY? I have been using Caedmon for a long time but now that I have Kashrek, this is the first tank my team has (currently, Chao is my makeshift tank).

If your primary goal is to improve your defense, then Kashhrek is your choice. He is a great tank. For all attacking modes Caedmon is better.

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I’d for sure like a solid tank. I do like attackers, I mean the rest of my team is Sabina 4/45, Chao 4/20 (my highest defense person) Isarnia 3/40 and a mix between Frida and Azlar both 2/60 with Caedmon 3/60. So I guess my question is can I survive with just Chao or Caedmon as my tanks or do I need to invest in Kashrek

It’s not a question of survivorship. You’ll continue playing anyway. With Chao or Caedmon as a tank in a raid defense you, most likely, will not be able to keep a high position in raiding hierarchy. On the other hand, some players intentionally weakened their defense to lower thier raid rank (cup dropping) and deal with weaker teams in raids.
What league you are in now?

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High Gold/Low platinum. I usually can stay around 1700 and just raid my way into platinum to collect rewards. I definitely am not cup dropping although I do understand the concept. Also, I just lucked out and pulled a Marjana. With both my Azlar and Elena at 2/60 and I’m almost done with Wilbur at 3/5. If I’m still waiting on hidden blades when I get Wilbur to 3/60, which red should I go with for ascending?

I’m in a similar boat; straddling two raid tiers (for me it’s plat/diamond) and asked about ascension advice. The best advice they had was “Your team will develop to that level either way, and it’d be better to get a strong, all purpose rainbow team for your first set than a questionable team.”

Really in the long run it comes down to bench depth than having those one or two all-star heroes. Don’t get me wrong, those are nice, but having versatility is more important in the long run. That said, another bit of good advice I’ve read and given is “It’s better to have one fully leveled hero than two half leveled heroes,” so focus on one guy until they’re done. It’s super tempting to jump the gun and start leveling another, but you’ll be better off having one dependable workhorse.

I skipped up to your hero roster that’s 5 days old, and I assume nothing major has changed (as far as ascension - nobody’s jumped a major tier yet). Regarding your original questions:

  1. Since you already have sunk costs in Gormek, I’d finish getting him to 3/60 because he’ll take less time than starting anybody from scratch. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ll want to focus on all of them until you have the blades to ascend somebody, THEN it becomes a question, but you’re not there yet.

  2. Regarding Wilbur and Isarnia, it’s not an either/or. You want BOTH, and since you should be feeding on-color, they don’t compete with each other in any meaningful way. They ultimately perform different roles, so it’s really not an either/or decision. Put them in the queue and work on them when they’re ready.

  3. Finish Sabina. As I said earlier in my response, one fully leveled hero is more useful than two half-leveled heroes. Once Sabina is done, you don’t need to worry about leveling her ever again which frees up your feeders to dedicate fully to the next project.

Regarding your newer posts:

  1. Caedmon is going to be a solid all arounder. Kashhrek is an incredible low-mid platinum tank when people haven’t figured out raid stacking yet, and he can still hold solidly if the opponent gets a bad board, but he starts to drop off once you hit high plat or low diamond. Caedmon is going to give you better mileage over his lifespan, but either one is fine. My Kashhrek is stuck at 3/60 because I have better options. He’s not great for offense except maaaaaybe when fighting Colens or Azlars or Elenas, and that’s kind of it. For your first 4* ascension, I’d recommend Caedmon.

  2. Unless you pull a Boldtusk, Wilbur is going to be your best all-around red for sinking the blades into. He’s great on titans and on offensive raids/wars but will be a gamble on defense because you can’t control when he fires or whether the enemy will take advantage of the free spirit link or not (if they have a cleanser or +defense hero, Wilbur becomes a disadvantage, and you can’t know that or control that). Still, Wilbur is going to give you the most bang for your buck, and I don’t think you’ll regret giving him the blades.

Another all-around bit of advice is focus on the 4* before the 5* for ascension mats. General rule of thumb is that a 4/70 4* is more powerful than a 3/70 5* (same with 3/60 and 2/60 respectively) just because of stats. 5* only really start to shine once they get to their final ascension tier, as I’ve learned when I took my Richard from 3/70 to 4/59 where he’s at at the time of this post. He was a mildly annoying tagalong in a blue stack at 3/70. Now he’s a freight train and a solid tank that can take a beating. Until the infrastructure of your base gets powered up enough to support feeding 5* heroes (and you can reliably clear events/rare quests/class quests), I’d put the 5* on the backburner at 2/60 until you get a better sense of who you need to fill out your roster.

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Also, Wilbur is AMAZING but tricky to control or time. He’s going to be a bit frustrating to use until you get a better sense of when to fire his special or hold him back. Just a heads up.

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Ok thanks a lot for your input. The biggest changes in my team is now Proteus and Wu Kong are both in their 3rd ascension from where I had them at 1/1. Wilbur is also at tier 3. and my Little John is at the second tier (obviously only because I ran all my other greens to 3/60 but now I have my last shield I need). I have been playing around with Wilbur while farming but obviously completely different than raiding.