Ameonna 4* I need advices

I got her but I don’t understand what’s her point.
I see she goes in ghost form but I don’t see her hit the enemy.
Do I miss something?
Is she good for defence? Offence?

Really only good on offense. When her charge is up the tiles are super powerful. I’m not a fan but some swear by her on titans.


She’s offensive only. Back when Guin Tanks were the norm, I used her, Sartana and Rigard to bust them with great success.

I only use her now on Titans since she has a higher attack stat than two other 5*s I could use and her attack buff is great there too.

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She’s not a defence hero at all.
She a hero that does need a bit of timing you get some decent purple tiles hit ghost watch the damage she hits hard. She great for titans!

plus I like raiding with her if enermy has a few snipers and she in ghost, they have a good chance they will hit her wasting there special helped me out loads

846 attack +82% = alot


i am leveling her, I use her at titans and some wars as I lack better purples. She improves tile damage and as ghost can make some enemy attacks useless. She has a problem, if you break a diamond when she is ghost you won´t gain any mana.

Give me 5 tiburtus before her.

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Thanks a lot this helps.
Is she good for raids?

To be honest, now, she is only really useful for Titans and that’s it.
But personally I can’t remember when I last used her …

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She can be helpful on raids depending on your roster. Good can be a bit subjective.

She is more helpful if you run mono, but can work in other stacks. As long as you have your healer, D dropper, sniper, etc. on the team she can be a 4th or 5th. Her biggest benefit is tile damage. Hers is high by itself, her special just amplifies it. It could viewed though that if her biggest boost is tile damage, she offers that regardless of if she’s alive.

I believe she has the highest base A value of a 4*. I don’t know S3 well though, maybe that changed. Scarlett does pass her if they’re both maxed on emblems based on their respective talent trees. Random fun fact I guess.

The secondary effect has been mentioned of having people swing at her while ghosted essentially wasting their attacks. She shouldn’t be used as a “key” hero though IMO. It is pretty difficult to build a reliable team around her. She can be an auxiliary piece to a reliable team though if that makes sense.

She can be fun. Mine is +1, but was +18 at one point like @Dudeious.Maximus. I don’t regret having her.

Good luck out there!



I use her on titans mostly. I used to have her on my Purple stack on raids, but she has been replaced. I may use her in wars if we meet up with an alliance with yellow tanks. It’s great to have her as one of the last heroes and you fire her special before the defense does. The only problem is that she doesn’t do any direct damage.
I kept her emblems at +18 only because I don’t have any other sorcerers to emblem… aside from Skittleskull whom I use even less.


As @Quinn3 mentioned sorcerers are hard to find that do damage, even though her damage realises on tile damage its better than nothing haha. Then can help in trails to get emblems for future projects.

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Amy suggestions for purple mono team?
Who to max? Put in first five?

Purple mono finish rigard then work on tibs
To start of prob amennoa proteus jabber tibs rigard.
Always fire tibs first before jabber to get the def down.


This is very true and also why sorcerer trials are some of my least favorite.

It seems SG realized their vanilla sorcerers were lacking and made some very good special heroes. Again, most players won’t ever get those, or at least more than 1 or 2.

For example, my 4 and 5* sorcerers on my entire roster are:

Quintus +8, Sabina +20, Skittleskull +1, and Ameonna +1.

While Ameonna and Skittleskull work and are viable, they are definitely more of a make do then the goal. While I like Quintus most people feel the same about him while we’re at it.

The exception would be if S3 changed that, but accessibility of those heroes is certainly open to debate. I am not familiar enough with those heroes yet to know which class they all are.

Well in general if you don’t have 4 or so teams of maxed 4’s I would hold off on 5’s. I guess assuming there are no AM restrictions or anything, and in no particular order:

Rigard, Proteus, and Tibs are the core of your team.

The other two are accompanying pieces. You could go a few ways, but I would try Cyprian and Quintus. That is my personal opinion and based on my play style.

Something else I would try is maybe Ameonna and Stonecleave and do a double ghost. I will not vouch for it’s effectiveness, but it would be fun to try I think. :+1: I like experimenting though.



you can emblem her up for titans and then strip the emblems as you get better purple heroes for the titans. Who knows, you might enjoy using her in raids.


Using two ghosts… Hm… Sounds like a big fun hehehe…

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I remember few times in alliance wars I fight against she and that ghost mode is anoing.

I agree, I would give the caveat that if you don’t have a big stable of maxed 4’s already (say 20 or more) it wouldn’t be the best advice to prioritize the ghosts first. Unless you want to, they are your heroes obviously. :+1:

Good luck out there.



I will do it.
I tried her in raids and she is amazing.
Got her lvl 19 now.


After tme I maxed Rigard 20 emblems,
Also I do this ghost hero.
Is he good?
Maybe for mono team with other ghost s and Rigard?

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