Ameonna or Sabina?

Hi there,

I’ve got to choose my next hero to level up for purple. And: They are both sorcerers, so the choice is even harder, because the better one of them will get my emblems… because I totally lack of other 4*+ sorcerers.

My choice would be Ameonna, mainly for titans, because I lack other purple heroes with high attack stats. And I’ve got another purple healer…

Other heroes maxed or mainly levelled:

  • Cyprian, Rigard, Proteus
  • Sonya, Grimm
  • Hu Tao
  • Caedmon, Jack O’Hare

Heros waiting for further levelling:

  • Li Xiu 2x, Chao
  • Kiril, King Arthur, another Sonya
  • Horghall, another Jack O’Hare
  • Another Cyprian, Another Proteus


(I definitively would level my first Ameonna and first Sabina over a dupe Proteus!)

Sabina 100% for me.
Pretty high attack stat and debuff.

I do see the dilemma given you have rigard. If you had melendor then maybe could be different

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Sabina will be more useful all over the game and will be a top tag team paired with Rigard.

Ameonna is kinda tosh and can wait until you haven’t anyone else to level and enough traps to waist 4, since she does nearly nothing. She’s fun to play, but her special isn’t well. She adds purple tile damage and won’t charge by matches. Ghost mode isn’t worth the traps.

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In my honest opinion it has to be Sabina. She is far more versatile

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Wow, thank you. Hadn’t thought it would be so absolutely clear for all of you…?

Any oposing opinions?

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Nope, Sabina here too.

Ameonna is really niche, while Sabina is really useful for wars, Guinevre tanks, Rare quests/trials and so on.

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Sabina first if you dont have Melendor.

She works really well against heroes/rare titans with riposte.

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I don’t have Sabina unfortunately but have Ameonna maxed and +7, which only happened because she’s the only purple 4* I have and only maxed sorcerer. And I got a dupe Ameonna from Atantis :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure I like her a lot… Yeah, her tile damage is great, but her special takes a lot of micromanagement. It can be devastating but it’s useless a lot of times as well. Need purple tiles to charge her and then needs more purple tiles to do damage, so you need a very favourable board or very good board management. Also, ghost form removes buffs, so sometimes it’s only marginally better than non-ghost with buffs.

Sure, it’s also nice if an enemy sniper releases his special on a ghost form Ameonna, but not something you can rely on. So I usually don’t bring her along on my team, except for the yellow titan of course! Personally would prefer to have Sabina, I think.

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Lots of discussion here:

I went with Sabina and have been pleased with her utility.

And more ideas here:

You took the words out of my mouth! I have both maxed, and the Ghost Girl sees very little action.


I have and use both. I like Ameonna more than most, but this one is clear cut. Level Sabina. Can’t have too many healers or debuffers. Plus, her attack stat is pretty impressive. I have her at +9, and I do not regret it. Ameonna does some cool stuff. Her attack is nutty, but you usually use all the purple tiles to charge her special, and there are few left to fire when it activates. She’s also VERY squishy, and you can’t heal her in ghost mode. I use her against yellow Titans and in war teams, because she can ghost and keep you from losing for four turns. She is very good in these areas, and I’m glad I have her for that, but I take Sabina on 97% of what I do, and she is helpful everywhere. Having a healer on sorcerer class trials should not be underestimated.


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