Changing my raid defense - Please help

I was lucky to get Telluria with only one 10 pull on first of march. Since then I encountered her many times and saw how well she performs as tank. So once she is maxed she will definately replace Aegir. But that again requires other major changes in my defense. I think JF would be nice on defense, too. But emblems are the issue here…

This is my current defense:

This is what I have in mind:

These are my other 5* heroes:

The problem I have, if i take JF in, he would be competing with Onatel for Emblems. From all my yellows, I think Onatel is the best option for defense, though. So maybe no JF on defense then. Though I think in general he would be better than Zim or Azlar.

Magni would compete with Panther for emblems. Again I don’t see a good alternative for Panther. But at least Quintus or Obakan wouldn’t have competition for emblems.

Magni is the only blue that makes sense, I think. I will already have to share emblems between Telluria and Aegir (since blue is our war tank color). So no emblems for Frida (or Richard). Isarnia again would compete with Onatel / JF for emblems.

So, I’d be happy about your suggestions to solve this emblem dilemma without too big compromises on my defense set up? Thanks in advance!

As Onatel is you best yellow it could be best not to reset her as you already have a very good red hero as Zimkitha.

I would suggest you to field this defense:
G. Panther - Zimkitha - Telluria - Onatel - Magni

Don’t bother too much with Magni’s positioning or the unusually color setting, having Zimkitha and Onatel as flanks is for the better :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, seems like keeping Zim is the best to do.

But is there a particular reason you would put Zim left flank and Ontatel on the right?

Why not Aegir as flank? He’s definitely better as a tank but still a scary Flank.

Also - how well does Onatel pair with Telluria’s mana slowing? Does she collect less mana because of it? I would assume so but still wouldn’t take her off the team.

Personally I would try

Panther - Onatel - Telluria - Aegir - JF

JF as a wing can devastate a team with his fast hit all after Panther and Onatel weaken that team

Edit : just saw you have Zim as well she might be a better choice than JF

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Because in the case Zimkitha would be charged together with all of the other heroes only G. Panther and herself would attack with a possible attack reduction, ending up dealing more damage after her cast.

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Probably it would cause Onatel to collect less mana, yes. But still a great symbiose i think, cause it still slow down the enemy much more and will probably still be enough to charge her up before her effect is over. As long as Telluria still stands it would mean: Choosing the tiles that help Onatel charge up, or saving those tiles and firing off-color tiles and charge Telluria up with them.

I think that will become my war defense (well, Aegir Tank and Telluria flank then). But for raids I am not so sure about a second healer / defense hero. But maybe worth a try. Back when I had no green in my def but a fully emblemed Wilbur next to Aegir, it worked quite well…

Yeah I’m using a full emblemed (well, level 18 but close enough) Wilbur next to Richard and Grazul (8th level) on the other side working quite well. I almost never drop below 2450 and the other day woke up to +100 trophies LOL

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I see that you have a +14 Azlar, it’s a pity to leave him out:

Magni - Zim - Telluria - Onatel - Azlar

If you wanna stay rainbow, I would pull out JF for Zim and switch it with Onatel

Yes, he was on my defense team until a week ago. Replaced him with Elkanen. Actually not a big difference regarding my cup count.

Sorry, I don’t get it. How das that make a rainbow team? I’d need to put Panther in somewhere.

Sorry, I was referring to your second picture

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