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When creating a new Alliance, how long before the 1st Titan spawns? Does it matter how many players are in the Alliance? We are a group of very experienced players, but have never started an Alliance from scratch. Any help before we go fwd would be appreciated.
The Vengeful One

The first titan usually spawns fairly quickly after alliance creation. It’s going to be a 1*. If you want to speed up the star advancement, kill it as quickly as possible. If you want to maximize titan chests for everyone, hold back to let everyone hit. Maybe put a maximum damage or a flag limit per player until everyone hits


It’s pretty well instantly.


This thread might he a helpful read. How can you get better titans quicker? How can you speed up titan level increases? How can you get more difficult titans faster? How can you get bigger titans after starting a new alliance? [MASTER]

You can’t shortcut having to start from 1* titans. As @NPNKY mentioned, the quicker you kill the titans, the quicker you will get higher level titans. Some players may miss hitting the titan early on, so it’s something everyone needs to he aware of. From memory, it took 19 days for us to start hitting 10* titans when we started a new alliance? GL.


And for most, this is 3 days and you are on 2 stars and you kill that but then; the next is a 2 star with 384000 HP!!! After that it becomes kind of constant; the rule is the AI will test the limits of your capacity; but fail and you get punished by going backwards for days…

EDIT: there seems to be a constant and that is that at at any level, if you double the hit points it will be four times harder to kill (imo!) (as far as i can tell! @8 stars, I feel that i may as well be throwing baltic herring at them!!!) .

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