Starting own alliance

Hello everyone I’m seriously considering starting my own alliance
Tips and tricks to fill up fast ?
Is there a minimum amount of members needed for titans ?
Been bouncing back and forth between alliances and I’ve come to the conclusion I want my own !!
Is it worth it ??
And any other tips are welcome
Thanks everyone !!!

It’s helpful to start off with several friends together. Starting alone will make building a team of people more challenging, especially for establishing a good team vibe and culture.

You might try recruiting in #alliance-recruitment before starting the alliance to see if you can find a few like-minded people to be co-leaders and help you recruit.

Nope, you can hit titans all by your lonesome, even. But practically speaking, obviously it’s challenging to kill anything but the most baby of baby titans without a decent sized team.

And it’s worth remembering that all new alliances start with 1* titans, and your loot tiers will be limited until you fill up the alliance and climb up to bigger titans.

This is ultimately up to you. Personally, I’d rather seek out a group of people I was happy to join.

There are an awfully large number of alliances out there, so I’d consider what it is yours will add to the community that you can’t find elsewhere to join in on.

I’d also suggest you look around a lot at existing alliances recruiting in #alliance-recruitment and on LINE to get a sense of what’s out there, and what recruiting might look like for you.

There’s one LINE recruitment group I’m in and can invite you to if you’d like, just post your LINE ID here: Join now! Teams Looking for Players to Join their Alliances (Player Focused Line Chat Room)


We are 2 at the moment maybe 3 or 4
So basically I would start from scratch
I think I will go for it after all i believe i would be a great leader !! Learning every day and reading a lot of what others experience
Thanks !!!


As @zephyr1 wrote, even if finding an alliance that fits you can be a frustrating process, it is still less time demanding than running your own alliance. If you decide to start a new one anyway, some of the aspects to consider:

50 shades of casual-competitive: think about how serious you would like to play. Titan only or titan+war. What should happen if someone misses a titan hit? What if someone uses only 2 or 0 war flags? Are you willing to demote and/or boot people or would you like to use peer pressure or other measures only?

Recuitment: this is often time consuming task, helps if you set up a cap on how much time you are willing to use on it. Typical sources are in-game, forum, Line groups, Discord recuitment server, social media. Watch how others recuit and learn.

Off-game communication: many alliances use Line or Discord to keep in touch and send notifications outside of the game. If you run casual, you might not need it.

Member, elder, co-lead: consider who should get ranks and when. Some alliances have time limits for promotion, some promote everyone to co-lead, others have time and activity requirements. If you have a group of co-leads sharing your vision for the alliance, then running it will be easier.

Good luck!

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It’s done come join us against the world!!!

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