War chest points!

My alliance is thinking at the moment to move to a new alliance in order to refresh the players.
Do you what happens with the War chest points
? Are they resented or do u i continue as it was? Also any info about the titans points etc would be useful.
Thanks in advance

War chest points you loose and need to build up titan score again.

Mini titans require patience, one hit everyone without items for example, some games to play like how to make 666 points per hit or similar. Depending on if the transition must happen at once, or maybe you have time to move people gradually? You could consider that a few of you would start with the small titans and the others join a bit later.

I have no data, so might be all wrong, but our impression was that titan level increased quicker if everyone hit the titan.

You will lose your war chest, so wait to form the new alliance until after you open it. Your individual titan chests will stay the same, but you’ll have a cooldown period of about 12 hour before you can add a new titan to the chest. When you move, wait until the cooldown timer ends before you start hitting the new baby titans

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