Nerfed Vela or Costumed Richard

I have always used Vela in my defense team, even if she gave me trouble due emblems conflict (Costumed Kadilen and Zim) but after the nerf Vela suffered… I am thinking about switching her for Costumed Richard.

Current war D team:

My Costumed Richard sits on the bench with 9 emblems, switching can help me moving emblems out from Vela to my tank.

Richard is notably more sturdy, deals more damage but is slower and jus affecting 3 heroes (so I am depending more on the awful AI).

Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!

Vela, she is still good and faster than Richard

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Vela is still a trouble. Superior than richard imo

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You have an emblem conflict with that defense (your entire center needs druid emblems) so I personally would think about Richard just for that reason.

I know that the drops for emblems have been increased but we’re still a while away from seeing double class defenses (I predict about 4 months from now). I have no idea on triple heroes of the same class… it’ll come eventually and faster now thanks to the bottleneck being expanded but it’s still a while away. Maybe then I’d say Vela would be better.


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