Richard vs Richard C

Which one you use in offense/defense? I’m waiting for 6th telescope and I planned to use costumed because of his stronger kick. I’d use him mostly in my blue team with Kiril, Magni, Vela and Glenda. Also I have e&p toolbox app and I found out that one without costume has better grades in every aspect. I can’t figure out why is that.

In offense id say Costume is better. But in def definetly normal version as a tank, because of the paladin class. I think the difference isnt too big though.

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Richard as a paladin is better in defence

C.Richard as a Barbarian (and with a harder hit) is better in Offence.

He needs plenty of emblems though but when loaded up he has a decent old hit


What @Cheds said ^^^^
Paladin Richard for defence
Barbarian Richard for offence
Thats what I do anyways


I don’t have Paladin emblems spare but levelled him when I got the costume. He sat in my 2nd blue team if we ever get red tanks. He does work for me still, a good hit 3 for sure. Following Grimm it does serious damage


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