Nerf and UP 2020?

Do we know when the Nerf and Up 2020 will be done ?
Do we have any information about which heroes are in danger or would be up ?

Hel is my only hero that can compete with all the emblems and certainly against the new Teltocs. So I am sure she will be nerfed.

I don’t assume that a rebalancing has high priority because it was not mentioned in the Sneak peek for 2020. Hero academy will be introduced before that.

There isn’t anything confirmed or suggested even by Small Giant Staff…

The only things that have been mentioned about Buff/Nerfs is by players…

As such, I wouldn’t count on it even HAPPENING in 2020.


I’m also wondering why you even think a nerf or buff will eventually happen?

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Think it’s based on these posts by @NittanyLionRoar

NOTE - these are a PLAYERS thoughts… not official or ANYTHING related to SGG


Ahh I see. I dont spend time in the community section so I hadn’t seen those posts. I wasnt a forum regular during the buffs that happened last year and I dont think I was playing the game yet when there were nerfs on Guin. Was there any indication from SG before the previous nerfs/buffs took place or did they just happen out of nowhere?

We were told before hand about the changes last year.


hey @Guvnor i was teasing you about brown nosing the other night. but in all seriousness you are for sure going above and beyond in the helping that you are doing, and i think you would make a GREAT mod.


I dunno if I got the long-term time to be a mod lol…

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Well Small Giant did UP and Nerf in 2019 they change the power of their hero, aegir is an example he wasn’t as strong as today.
Indeed u right only community is speaking about up and nerf for this new year i was curious to see if someone had exclusiv infos :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe no up and nerf for 2020 because of the costumes ?

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Now Rohn has the brown nose. It’s starting to look like a human centipede in here

My best guess is that there will be no nerfs or ups this year, especially ups, since costumes have been introduced to do ups at a cost (well played, SG…). And basically ups can be seen as a way to render nerfs no longer necessary.

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Also no mod here

Margaret (needs buff):

Very underwhelming her for a HOTM due to the fact she doesnt offer anything reliable other than tile damage. At least she provide that dodge ability to all her allies which can free her from the positional restriction. She cant be an effective tank due to her low defense and cant be in the Wings because you will be restricting the specials to just 2 heros instead of 3. These are the main reasons why none of them I know havent got a fully leveled Margaret including myself, its hard to get the tonic it would be invested on a hero which provides more value imo.

Vlad (needs buff):

Very low damage from his specials and there so many other heroes who can get the job done better. Without mana troop access he is basically a Fast hero in Events and tornaments which has troop restrictions.

Neith (rework specials):

I feel like her special is at odds with itself. If you blind someone, you want them to fire for a chance to miss, right? So why cut their mana?150% damage, 10% mana cut, 35% blind chance… does many things but one doesnt sync with another. I would rather trade that mana cut for attack debuff which has some synergy with each other.


A well designed hero, he does a lot of things for a fast hero. I think his specials should ignore the elemental link since its almost impossible to play these days without stacking and there is no work around or even time to let him hit after a dispel from the ememy.

Gravemaker (Nerf):

The problem with GM is his def is too high for a hero of his type, he should be more of a glass cannon. Too many things for a very fast hero.

Since some of the heroes are left to be like this for so long Im not sure if it will happen but these are my thoughts!

U right. Costumes was a genious Idea to up all basics heroes. They are very clever at SG :stuck_out_tongue:
Well we’ll see i think ursena gravemaker and finley need a little nerf and khaghan throne a up but they’ll ave a costume probably

Summon a conspiracy here?

Ah, so that’s what Chameleon could be good for - turn Gravemaker blue and pound him with green tiles + attack and crit :slight_smile:

… if he hasn’t killed you before you have a chance to change him.

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Generally agree…

Except Neith - it’s not at odds with itself at all, both the mana cut and blind are aimed at stopping you firing… So they work in harmony rather than at odds (the blind being a failsafe to the cut).
It’s just that the magnitude of the effect isn’t enough to be noticeable half the time - if mana regens fast enough to fire anyway, the blind being fairly low % means it’s not harming the attacker all that much.

I think the idea of her is to chip away with the 150% whilst delaying the enemy at the same time…
It’s just not all that effective in practice - up the AoE to 170% or so and she might become more viable IMHO. Or drop the damage a bit and make her Fast so she can keep the effect active more easily.

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