Nerf Watchlist 2020 UPDATE: Finley?

I recently released a nerf watchlist video that included Gravemaker and Guinevere as honorable mentions and Ursena as the most likely to be nerfed. There has been a lot of discussion within the community lately about Finley and if he possibly needs to be nerfed. I update the watchlist and examine Finley here:

The original Nerf Watchlist 2020 can be viewed here:

And the Buff Watchlist 2020 video can be viewed here:


Guinevere isn’t even annoying anymore. Especially since Seshat was released. Let’s nerf all the good heroes, to make much more like Neith, isn’t it? The heroes should really be nerfed, are yet to come… JF is like genocide lord. At least, this should be his description, if they release him like this :slightly_smiling_face:


I do agree that Ursena (with emblems mainly) is ridiculously silly, imo the best tank in the game right now. Yellow reflect just deters any use of yellow (also due to her obscenely high damage against them) and she hits all other enemies for about the same damage as Quintus but at average speed. The saving point to her is the fact that she hits for low damage when HP is lower than 50% (something that really helps here are minions).

I’ve yet to struggle against Finley though – although I am just really lucky to have Mitsuko myself and she wrecks him (even if pierce activates, it is unlikely to do so on every target he hits)


I do agree, if there is to be a nerf, Finley is #1 on the list.
Ursena? Not so much. Even with the advent of emblems she’s workable.
Now they just need a reflect hero for all other hero types.

Ursena as a boss? Ouch. Way worse. I accidentally played 27-10 instead of ticketing yesterday. I died a quick death.


Mokk-Arr need tons of love to.

I dont want to nerff any hero but want to buff some and me first on the list for buff its Neith. If we have a little bite better heroes they dont need to nerf.


i Agree with you.
Neith need a buff. The players dont care if she fires. u have maxed she?


Yes I have it with 11 talentes but it’s the same like without this talentes

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Neith is a joke. I have faced her in war defense, raid defense and she is a footnote.
I think she’s on a short list of the worst heroes of the month.

  1. Margaret (I still want her)
  2. Thoth-Amun
    3) Neith
  3. Grimble
  4. Anzogh (I have him and maxing him but he is underwhelming)


Finley and Ursena are definitely top tier heroes right now but in a few months it will mostly likely be different. Power creep is definitely becoming a bigger issue. Cheap and free players have to be extremely lucky against these newer teams.

i saw players in top 100, using Neith in defensive team, with +10 -+18 talent, i think the are testing his win rate.

It hurts that I have so many of the ̷u̷s̷e̷l̷e̷s̷s̷ less desirable HotM.


I would GLADLY take Thoth & Grimble. I have 15 tabards. I would ascend them!

I want Margaret. I have Anzogh.

Neith is the only one that says “uhhh… let’s… yeah… no” to me.


I have made some videos on YouTube for Neith on defense you can see them thear and you will see how useful its she.

I guess she’s useful if she’s all you have. Maybe I’m spoiled but she just doesn’t seem to rise above anyone for me. I think I’d even pick Justice over her.


You’d really prefer Justice? On offense? I mean I know Justice hits a little harder but her special ain’t nothing to write home about either. And you’re giving up faster mana, mana boost element link, mana resistance, and a (albeit modest) mana cut.

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Could you post a link to your videos? Thanks!

None of the heroes need to be nerfed. There are lots of Ursena tanks out there. Barring a horrible board she is not very hard to beat even if emblemed. Just don’t bring a yellow stack against her. Finley is much less common but has not been much trouble during the handful of times I have come across him. I am absolutely biased though since they are both currently on my defense. I win some and loose some just like with any of the other defenses I have used.
It costs a lot of money chasing these rare heroes. To nerf them after release when many have already invested heavily in maxing and embleming them up is unacceptable in my opinion.


For you maybe its ridiculous to bring Justice and not Neith but let’s see both. Ok Neith its average and Justice its slow but Justice have stats to stay alive to fire atlleast 2 time and with Neith you will be happy if she fire, you say Justice hit little bit harder than Neith it’s not little, Neith make 158 hit on maxed Rigard+8, mana cut- what mana cut on offens your opponent will generate the mana on the same turn and blind- this 5% of blind its make too much sense, if I face Neith on raid and she fire I dont have problem to fire and my specials and I will miss one (if I miss) of them but when i face Justice i need to bring a cleanser because I will miss mor then 1 of my specials.

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