Spring Hero buffs?

I remember around March last year there was a big action of hero buffing (ie Aegir was bufffed). Is a similar action planned this year?

No timing has been announced, but rebalancing is planned for some point in the future:


I hope nerfing Ursena is their top priority.

Getting a massive improvement for Grazul would also be nice… I suspect she is the second or third weakest hotm.

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did the rebalanced heroes appear in beta before they were officially buffed/nerfed?

I really do wish that they do something with Obakan, he missed the chance of being buffed last year and with the costume event.

I also think Rigard should be nerfed as well.

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Don’t you dare nerf Rigard. Don’t you DARE!!


LOL. I thought this thread is all about buffing heroes from Springvale. I would love to have my Master Lepus buffed, say “Deals 510% damage to the target and minor damage…” and “The caster gets +20% defense for 5 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.”.


I assume the seasonal heroes will see some sort of buff to make them more interesting :slight_smile:
Agwe and Gobbler deserve a buff.
And of course all the legendary heroes that I have :joy:
They could buff all the slow heroes. That would actually be something I’d like to see.


Not going to happen on either front i doubt…

Ursena is strong yes but not end of the world catestrophic lol

And graZul definitely doesn’t need a buff… She’s an offence driven hero… Very fast with complete status effect block & a small heal? That’s really powerful!

Yes they did :slight_smile:

Why? Why would you suggest this!!? He’s just a healer lol… Does exactly the same healing as Sabina does! Just the inverse in cleanse rather than dispells.

They will. It is confirmed in the 2020 sneak peek that the seasonal heroes & events will be getting an overhaul next (now that they are done the 5 events)


I wish my Aeron wasn’t less desirable than my costumed rigard. Well, now that I finally got a body for my costumed rigard, i don’t care as much anymore. wish i can get my tabards back though. There needs to be a reset AM that kind of works like reset emblems.

BTW guv, do we know when springvale happens?

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Has been suggested hehe you can vote for that idea if you search for it.

Nope… April is the estimate but nobody knows.

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Thank you guys! Looking fwd to it! Please keep us posted when more precise info on this will be available

I figure that if its for players feedback so JF and Grimble should go on top of prioroties


It’s sad what happened to Jean-François. I really hope he gets buffed… It would be amazing having his version 1 back


I have It but not close to max him yet to test It .
I have read more negative reviews than positive ones about him

His version 1 was widely considered OP

Sorry, I should state his version 0.1, his version 1 is what everyone has now. This is the problem with pre-release stats.


I have maxed JF and with emblems and troops it deals nearly 200hp damage per turn. Winning ratio when raiding with him in the team is around 80-90%. I don’t believe that he’s a must to be buffed, he’s strong enough as he currenty is.
I hope another character will be buffed though, won’t tell which one, there was already a dedicated thread on it.


JF is good as is, you’re right. Like all heroes it’s who you pair with them and your style of play that gets the best out of that particular hero. For example I love Anzogh because although he was panned chronically to begin with, he works for me. Even Margaret is really useful in some situations but seemingly nobody can be bothered to try.

Initial pre-release JF; if he went off in a raid defence and you didn’t have a cleanser ready it was near as dammit game over. That’s not balanced. Other mileage may vary of course.

Generally it would be exceptional for nerfs to happen. They have done before but not in the last round. People may have paid a lot to pull a hero which by the devs design is the only way to guarantee getting them. If they are then nerfed that’s a bad situation. Power creep to the detriment of s1 heroes is now addressed with costumes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a round of buffs this year affecting more obvious candidates such as Vlad, Agwe and Captain Diamond, that kind of thing.


Rigard is fine as is, just an elite 4 star. It’s costume Rigard that is the problem, he’s better than like 70% of 5 stars.

Not really a problem for me, I love using him. But he does kind of throw off the hierarchy.

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I had someone test Jean-Francois’ special alongside the rabbits from the spring event (I wasn’t around last year so don’t have any myself) and the person who was kind enough to test it confirmed that if you fire JF before firing the rabbit his special will convert that defence down to defence up just the same as if the opponent had hit you with the defence down ailment.


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