New HOTM's - *Would other OP heroes for the year change your mind?* Poll regarding game state in the description

If all of the HOTM for 2020 (besides vela) are on par with the current form of Telluria and Jean-Francios would that still be an issue? Im just curious if the problem is two heroes or just op hotm in general.


I can not make polls currently and I apologize if this topic already exists.

The following poll is to get more response from the original prompt with out making people type or justify reasoning. I am just curious where most forum user stand and the small sample who answer the poll will help me draw more conclusion (accurate or not).

  • Create new heroes with new specials but keep the power ceiling where it is
  • Raise the power ceiling with new heroes but buff S1 heroes without costumes
  • Raise the power ceiling with S1 heroes first then create newer heroes
  • Keep things as they are because the game is fine and heading in the correct direction
  • Candy Crush (looking at you Rigs)

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My primary concern about power creep is around war hits. When most war enemies are emblemmed-up and as tough as Gravemaker/Finley/Jean, it’s going to be a real hassle to use those last few flags. That’s the main thing to my mind - power creep shouldn’t outpace a player’s ability to win 3-5 war bouts. If the win/loss ratio in wars dipped under 50:50, I think there’d be a problem.

Anyway to answer your question - 11 OP heroes wouldn’t set my mind at ease regarding the win/loss ratio in war. I suppose we’ll find out :man_shrugging:


If all of the other heroes wouldn’t be balanced accordingly… then yes.

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I agree, now I do not think that it is what will happen but I also cant say I would be too shocked. I wonder if the new seasonal heroes will out buff the new challenge event heroes.

I Digress

Also what in the world could they possibly do for the sand empire… and for springvale, at least halloween and christmas have more options

Didn’t the latest teaser declare a new event hero, for each event? I’m curious what Sand Empire could bring, given that the chess pieces have all been claimed… Maybe a Game Master Impresario Sand Emperor? That’s the art direction I’d pursue.

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Probly more aladdin characters


Probably no addition in Sand Empires but they would make the other events have 2x 3*, 2x 4*, and 2x 5* each.


If these heroes are as pumped up as JF would you feel differently about the direction the game is headed?

Would probly tell me that costumes for past hotm and other paywall 5* should probly be in the works by 2021


Does this change the argument about needing to nerf such heroes if a sort of equilibrium would eventually be reached?

Only if classic heroes are buffed without costume.


All or just a few in particular? Also at what point is it okay to move away from wanting S1 heros to still be competitive?

I would prefer the equilibrium be reached before releasing the heroes

But in all reality no.

Future heroes after telluria and jf won’t make telluria or jf any less powerful or imbalanced, if history has taught us anything it’ll take about 2 yrs to do that. I know people want more guins and gravemakers in the game but i just don’t think it’s a good idea.

If a hero takes 1.5 to 2 yrs to be properly countered, it was released too early or too powerful or both

As I’ve said before telluria or jf or both could be altered to not so over the top and still be very usable heroes

Guin being the main poster child for bad beta release. She was claimed OP in beta. Got released. Saw at least 2 nerfs after release that i can think of and players are still just now saying “she’s not a big deal” yet she’s still the war queen.(december 2017 release)

Gravemaker is still stomping all over the place and has no true counter outside of costumed sonya that most dont have unless u count off or same color counters like grazul, zim, rigard, or aeron but really graz & zim & sonya are the only 3 true counters to gm’s DoT due to their mana speeds(June 2018 release i think…summer of 2018 for sure)

I know more heroes similar to those 2 sound sooo appealing but there just can’t be too much imbalance in the game and we already have possible OP’s as is(lookin at u ursena, and finley)


Do those heroes make the game less fun and interesting to play? I remember when I got Kunchen in Feburary many in my alliance commented on how being a slow hero made him far inferior to the other tanks at the time and then months later I saw many wishing they had him. But now I see so many Kunchens that the game doesnt seem as stategic or diverse anymore. I dont want to make this a complaint thread or a dumb question thread but Im interested in all the feedback.
BTW rigs I totally agree.

@mhalttu @Petri The below questions are more or less not for this post but I thought of them here.

Probably dumb questions

Are the devs in the normal game (not beta) playing with us? Can you even answer any of these questions or would you get in some sort of trouble (idk what but sometimes that could be NDA territory :upside_down_face:)? How often do they (devs) start over and work there way back up to diamond? Do they have low level player feedback besides the forum, example being in an up and coming alliance and starting a dialogue with players. Also I understand that time to do all of this is not available or maybe it is I am just curious about the devs and I want to understand the thought process a little more.


S1 heroes should always be competitive even though weaker.


I never thought of it that way, I always assumed that the game would kind of force you away from uncostumed S1 heroes at some point (not advocating for such). I think it would be cool to see S1 stay competitive but I wonder if that is the goal of a game like this.

Any less fun?

Yea they do a bit because it takes out the diversity of team composition due to opponents we face

Basically have 12 darts and 6 tonics i have no interest in using even though i have decent options but due to guin & gm, dark blue & red are my main ascension priorities in that order. Darts are pretty close to useless and same could be said for tonics. Sure green & yellow can be used in war vs guin & gm but are still bigger risk than the other 3 colors i mentioned. Telluria will make use of my toncs but that doesnt mean i think she’s “balanced”

Your devs question, they do play the game. Told us in the AMA. Tim the lead designer has a secret account in an unknown alliance. Petri has a non secret account he uses to visit peer support. And actually believe sara has an account as well. How active are they? No clue, based on the rollouts and implementations and “good ideas” along with the “this is happening? We had no clue” reactions, i would say smoke break players at best


Nonono, actually…


That is why I complained so much when they release the costume. The costume make the one without 5% attack, 5% defense, 10% hp, and 5% mana regen become obsolete.

It is okay if they want to buff the classic heroes with costume as long as the costumes can be produced by a building. But if not, they are just making another non-free heroes, not buffing them.


Reducing gem cost and making the keys rewarded via loot i think would be a step in the direction you’re wanting


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