Buff Watchlist 2020

There are a number of heroes in bad need of a buff. If Empires and Puzzles decides who to buff in the upcoming new year, here’s who I think is likely to get the buffs…


I would love to see Margaret get even a small buff. The bit of healing is a nice touch, something like Grazul’s 10% heal to all. Even a 15% heal self and neighbors would be a move in the right direction.


Would also like to see Obakan recieve a slight attack increase.


Most likely the classic 5 star heroes are not going to get a buff anytime soon, because according to SG, that is the main purpose of the costumes. Looking forward to that Thorne costume. :grin:


Agree with ya Poo. A little buff for Margaret (e.g. increased dodge chance on the low end of the range, or giving allies critical chance) would be welcome.

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Captain Kestrel needs a buff. Perhaps a 2nd ability. I mean he’s the guy with a gun! I think 2 options make sense either 1) Bleed for 4 turns 2) Or a Shock/Stun/Mute for 2 turns to the target and nearby enemies

Guardian Owl? @NittanyLionRoar

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It’s a shame that Thorne gets outclassed by Richard or Magni (in utility and speed), but I don’t think he needs further buffs myself. After the last buff you mentioned, Thorne now has one of the strongest direct damage skills. Lack of secondary effect and average speed is rather unfortunate for him, but I think he’s decent now thanks to the skill damage.

Horghall got a costume that when I played with it in Beta, felt pretty useful for me on offense. I liked the larger attack debuff as it made enemy hits tickle – -54% for ref. is similar to Kingston’s debuff cap – so I think the devs decided to buff Horghall with a costume instead. Would be curious to know your thoughts on that.

I agree with Khagan, Kong and Margaret though… they can certainly be made better. Khagan is truly an unfortunate hero, he’s in a speed tier that he really shouldn’t be for his range. The mana speed and defense buffs are nice but not that great to justify the slow speed either – Gadeirus at the same speed has better buffs (attack and heal over time) so I don’t get why Khaghan gets just okay ones at slow speed. And even after several past buffs his damage is still really disappointing.

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