Neith, Malosi or still Joon

I am searching for a new yellow heroe. Currently I am playing with: Jean François - Vela - Telluria - Ursena - Joon. I am overall almost satisfied, but I am not giving all the emblems to Joon. The question is: should I bring Neith to the last tier, trying for Malosi next month or continue playing with Joon?

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I personally do not like Neith and would keep going with Joon. You already have Tell for mana control and Joon seems to be your only sniper.

I’d probably also keep Joon, and hope to land his costume in the future. Malosi? I don’t know. His ability to disable status effects for 3 turns is nice, but it usually means he’s targeting an All-Enemy or Damage on Three-type of enemy since single target snipers don’t typically leave status ailments although Joon does blind his target. Malosi could be a good counter to Gravemaker, Frida, Evelyn, and others. Tough call. You don’t get as much damage to the target out of Malosi as you would Joon but disabling status ailments out of the target for three turns could be useful. Neither would pose any threat to emblems with Malosi being a Barbarian and Joon a Monk or Fighter if in Costume.

I don’t know. I think I’d go for the 468% damage to the target and -40% attack accuracy on the target for 6 turns that Joon offers over Malosi’s 370% damage to the target.

In costume Joon can get to 488% damage to a target and -35% attack accuracy to the target for four turns.

Actually, yes, I’d stay with Joon.

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