Joon or malosi

April hotm seems to be very useful.

I just pulled a joon. Should I max him? Or hold and hope for malosi?
Only have 7 darts
Other maxed yellow 5* are vivica and poseidon.

If I max joon he would probably go into def team as I hv lots of monk emblems, while poseidon is competing with Kingston for emblems

Preface question:
Are you a spender? If you are maybe wait to use the darts… If you’re not, work with what you got.

As for the Joon vs. Malosi, they both offer very different things.

Joon is a straight up sniper & damage dealer. And is very good at it too

Malosi on the other hand sucks as a sniper… Talking really really bad… BUT he has very fast mana and the status effect blocker… Making him very versatile and useful in offence… I wouldn’t put him in defence as his targetting needs some level of timing and accuracy which the AI won’t do…

It’s also worth noting that Malosi is Barbarian class so may compete with someone for this (not needed to make him good in offence tho)


I would say that since Malosi hasn’t been released yet, level joon up to 3/70 or any variation and try get a sense of what you like and don’t like about his speed, damage, and how useful that blind can be to your team.

I would suggest that Malosi shutting out all status effects is more useful than a blind for a support hero, but he is nowhere near the damage dealer of Joon.

I would also keep in mind Joon has a costume and depending on whether you spend or try to pull costumes may influence this decision as well. I would argue Costume Joon over Malosi every day for raid defense, but Malosi’s special has a uniqueness that will be immensely helpful in war strategies, and challenge events. Imagine enemy bosses never getting off there annoying status affects (whoop! whoop!)

Try and play with Joon a little, it’s what I’m doing with Freya at 3/50 it will honestly help you decide what your team needs :slight_smile:

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Tks for replies.
I guess they r different heroes.
Will lvl joon to 3/70 and see.

I don’t spend very much. But if there is a good hotm, I will usually spend enough to get 1 copy.

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That can be a significant amount.

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you don’t spend much! !! You do. Excuse me!


I’m near to this decision too. Need to wait for the final update of tel and vela but i feel malosi is more useful against those combos than joon.

I didn’t get malosi so I levelled joon in the end

Joon is like any other sniper

I feel malosi is unique

If I had malosi I would hv levelled him

Hi all,

My yellow stack right now is White Rabbit (+9), two Guardian Jackals (+19, +11), maxed Vivica without emblems and 3-70 Malosi. I was pretty happy with what they offer as a team but today I found Joon in my TC20. I have 5 darts and some decision to make. I find Malosi useful at 3-70. He is not a hitter so I believe it would be better to max Joon and replace one of Jackals with him. What is your opinion?

After normal defense down and elemental defense down any good yellow hitter will finish the job. If you think Malosi hasn’t enough firepower get Joon. Otherwise Joon is overkill. I find Malosi special very usefull in raids. Joon can only hit very hard.

I was thinking about titans and the blind. It is really op and we fight 12/13* titans.

Ok i have Poseidon and Onatel maxed. Who to max next?
Joon is a sniper and they’re never enough and malosi could be really useful although i have grazul maxed already which does something similar.
What would you do?

I maxed Cjoon over Malosi when I had darts, I’m very happy with him. Malosi will get my next set though as he seems fun to use and very fast is always nice. You already have pos so I could certainly see you going for Malosi here (I had pos maxed as well, but I wanted an additional sniper option).

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I will add something. My defense is Poseidon ursena telluria Magni marjana. Going with Joon would make me use all my fighter emblems on magni

Nope, take Tell for example. Graz only stops the mana slow. Malosi stops the mana slow and the healing of her team. So Malosi can stop aliments against you and buffs against their team too…and 300% damage to the target. If you can ghost that is 300% every turn.

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I don’t think you should replace Poseidon with Joon on defense, so it feels like we’re talking about someone who will help on offense. Given that, I am going to suggest Malosi. While he does not hit as hard as Joon, his special inhibits the target’s ability to help the opponent inflict damage or withstand it. Plus, the element link will be in effect since you’re likely to be stacking yellow if you’re attacking.

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I like Joon over Malosi, especially when joon is in costume MAXED and talented @18-20.

You can always trust his Solar Beam, furthermore, costume changes his class to fighter.
You can imagine that Joon will become the same as Poseidon; revives with 1 HP and shoots Solar Beam on opponent.

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