Joon or malosi?

Got my forst joon from grimforest portal (no poos unfortunately).
MY yellow offence squad is:
Jackal +18
Sif +4
MIst +9
Malosi 3/70
Gretel +12

And gulibursti and kong for titans

And question should i go with malosi or leave him at 3/70 and level up joon?No costume on joon ofc

I honestly use Malosi over Joon in ofensive. Malosi helps me in more cases than Joon.

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And my defence team is cliana crigard sif ctiburtus cmagni - not a good place for joon i guess…

Both good to have around, I’d do Joon first. Raw power unleashed. Add some emblems and you have a state of the art sniper, costume or not. Jackal + Joon will end one life across the battlefield. Malosi is a lot more of a technical hero. Neglectable damage, but a life savior at times by shuting down the tank’s special effects at very fast speed. My mono yellow is Jackal+18 Joon+18 Malosi+10, Joon 4/80, Lady Woolerton+7. Very effective team. Level 11 mana troops take turns for Jackal or Malosi, bringing them down to 6 tiles, depending on the enemy team’s config.

I have jackal with mana node so he needs only mana trrop 5 and i have 11 mana troop for malosi so they both charge at 6 tiles

Might not be, indeed, but defense is never a good place for Malosi. Anyway, they’re both worth ascending, definitely.

I think that jackal + joon is instant death for one enemy and malosi can shut down someone else.On the second hand maybe malosi at 4/80 with emblems will kill with jackal too and i can for example take heavy emblemed gretel to shut someone down.

In terms of damage, Malosi will disappoint you. He’s no damage dealer. Not even paired with Jackal. But he has other valuable features.

While I agree with this, it also depends where you want to use him. If you’re willing to play in 2700+ cups then yes, he won’t do much damage. But if you play under 2400 cups, his damage is more than decent, considering the mana speed.

Yes, most likely, but you’ll eventualy aim above 2400 if you have emblemed 5*s. My point of view is for attacking high class targets

My defence stays easily over 2400k,hence i usually meet a lot of 2500-2700 players.
I just care for fill8ng diamond chest asap tbh.
Question is will jackal+malosi kill +20 telluria tank if malosi is maxed and emblemed?

No, it won’t. Not even Jackal + Joon would kill her, unless you have already dealt damage with tiles.

which path do u go for emblems for jackal? does he survive longer in titan or raid or war?

Full atk, with sif he survives if sif fires:)

Jackal is squishy, but his talents are only fully realised with full on attack nodes. Pair him with someone like Wilbur for survivability for titans.

Back on topic…
@kaliope agreeing with what’s been already said.
Offensively, Malosi’s ability to block the use of buffs nullifies so many heros, but I wouldn’t put him on defense as the AI won’t necessarily target the hero that’s about to fire. Joon is better suited on a defense team.

So depending on your needs, both Joon and Malosi are great to ascend. GL

I like Joon and hopefully increase and increase his defense.

Joon for sure he need to be max to be operational, Malosi is usefull at 3.7

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