Neith and Mitsuko!?

Hello everyone, I have Vela, Kingston and Ursena already with emblems. I have more 5* heroes of those colors, but I only have Neith as yellow and Mitsuko as red in 3/70 with all the necessary materials to go to 4/80. my question is if I should upload them now or am I waiting to get other better heroes, yellow or red, and upload these last ones. I don’t know if Neith and Mitzuko are worth the maximum. thanks to everyone.

Personally, I don’t have Neith but I do have Mitsuko.
And absolutely love her, especially reflecting all status effects against Blue heroes. She is my weapon against Blue ones, especially Finley. She deserves those rings.


I absolutely think they both are worth the mats.


I have both maxed. Neith is good, and Mitsuko is great for reasons outlined by @Magnifique and also others - blue bosses die just as well as Finley

There are probably better heroes in yellow than Neith, but she is good. If you do lots of summons then maybe wait on yellow, but I haven’t regretted maxing a Neith, she is a staple for me vs purple tanks


+1 for Mitsuko. She’s perfect when blue heroes flank. You usually have enough time to fire her special before blue hits.

Especially fun to watch Vela drown herself. :slight_smile:

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I find it’s touch and go with a fast blue flank, maybe 50/50. Perfect scenario is usually average or slow flank, fast or average corner. Slow corners are sometimes hard to get firing while the first buff is on

The other thing to look out for is Seshat or other debuffer firing before you can make the blue hero fire

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