Mitsuko--Convince me?

I dumped months of saved resources into Atlantis, hoping to draw Gravemaker or Kageburado. Of all heroes, I got Mitsuko. I thought “What the Kentucky Fried Chicken? What are YOU doing here!?”

RNG is funny. Anyway, I put her in a miscellaneous dusty corner of my deck and continued working on Jean-François. Since then, however, I’ve only heard glowing reports for Mitsuko. It looks to me like her main purpose is countering blues on defense. I am not a defensively-inclined guy. Am I looking at her the wrong way? Are y’all a fan of the mana cut? Where’s the gold here?


She isn’t fast like GM, but she is great two-way player. I use her on offense anytime Finley (or any blue hero) is in the line-up at Wing. you can get her special off and then send tiles his way.

Here’s my Main Defense



The gold here is that she completely takes the opponents blue flanks and wings out of the game. They kill themselves. She is absolute gold! Plus that mana cut is great too.


BTW I leveled her over Grazul, Queen of Hearts, Azlar, JF, and Elena-C

She is a keeper. Against Vela, against Finley, she turns them into a joke. She’s the only hero I took to +20 on talents. She’s insanely good.


Well, in my experience she will fire about 15-20% of the time prior to Vela on a Tell flank, that said, it is pretty easy to make Vela fire again…Finley in a corner isn’t hard to get.

For a red hero she is pretty good.

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As a very frequent Vela user, I can tell you I just mosey on by when I see Mitsuko in raid defense. I made the mistake of attacking her… once. I can’t even use my Sonya +c20 to dispel that annoying blue reflect. I don’t have her to try on offense, but mana controllers are quite valuable.


Think it’d be worth maxing Neith to match with Telluria & Mitsuko? That’d be an anti-mana game

Who else?..while the mana game is fun a bunch of average mana non hitter heros will be a challenge to get off.

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Mitsuko is amazing. She’s sturdy and in a class where many don’t have other options (since so many Sorcerers are behind the paywall). I’ve spent some and my options are basically Mitsuko, Sabina (who I don’t even use in wars), and…whoever the three star Sorcerers are. As a result, I took Mitsuko to +11 or something and am now holding ~700 emblems hoping to land Ursena or a season 3 sorcerer.

She destroys blue heroes who are average speed or slower at flank and any speed wing. She’s impactful enough that I roll the dice with her against Telluria’s flanked by Vela (though I may not being a ton of other reds in that situation). Also, she does a lot against the Finley, GM, T, V, whoever defense.

One major benefit is that she allows you to stack against a green tank or flank while also crushing the blue hero - it’s like you get an extra stack on the field, conceptually.

I’ve heard many say she’s a niche hero, but she’s absurdly good at that niche and that niche is hardly small - I mean, there’s always a blue hero on the field.

Lastly, I’m writing this having only recently gotten my red mana troop to level 23; she’s now markedly better.


I don’t have any of the above, but I know the game got A TON easier for me when I drew Onatel. I also took LJ to +20 to have another mana control option, and I finally drew Proteus. Using Proteus and Onatel together is just stupid powerful. My purple heroes are strong, so Neith isn’t as scary as she could be for me, but I do find her annoying, because I have to recharge my cleanser to clear her blind because of her mana cut. Not knowing the rest of your roster, I’d say it’s worth considering.

Mitsuko Bombing Finley and Vela


You should see Guin/Onatel on offense together :)…I digress


The best is Vela and Finley on a defense together. It is a little game to see if you can get them to go off at the same time.


I like those little games :joy:

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I would love to see that. Now if I just had Guin. And five more darts. :laughing:

Looks like I’ll have to work on Mitsuko as my next red! Just gotta finish JF first… 5 more levels… Then we’ll see what she does.

My only max-ascended 5* so far are Jean-François and Telluria (and I have no other 5* I plan to max ascend right now other than Lianna, who’s another green). Still building my dream team. I’m been very lucky with mystic rings, so once today’s titan goes down, the Path of Valor will finish another 6-pack of them.

Good decision! Watching blues kill themselves may be my favorite part of raiding.


Not quite the same, but I had a war hit not long ago where I brought Boril and watched Justice, Azlar, and some other AoE hitter all commit suicide within about three turns of each other. My girls - who play casually - and I were dying laughing. Great fun!


Mitsuko is probably my fave hero, she is at +18 and always flanking in defense

She hits reasonably hard and mana cutting is very powerful

And then there is the blue reflect. The inordinate number of blue bosses in Atlantis and Valhalla just get stomped, and when raiding, remember these guidelines:

  • a fast blue flank is difficult to fire before, unless you get an amazing board where you would have won anyway
  • perfect victims are average or slow blue hitter flanks, or average or fast corners (looking at you Finley)
  • with slow corners you might have to charge a second time before they fire which isn’t always possible
  • when aiming Mitsuko special, you usually want to target the side of the formation that doesn’t include the blue hero, so you don’t cut their mana - remember you want them to fire
  • watch out for dispellers like Seshat or Zeline, as they can remove the reflect. Try to pump tiles into your blue victim, any will do, before dispellers go off and wreck your party

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