Kong or Mitsuko?

I have a fairly nice stable of reds now, but need to decide who to give the rings to.

Current reds:

Gravy 4/80
Zimkitty 4/80
JF 4/80
Grazul 4/80
Ares 4/80
Kong 3/70
Mitsuko 3/70

Neither will be in my defense team. Strictly for offense and wars. I’m leaning towards Kong. Thoughts?

Mitsuko is too valuable in many ways. Tanky, mana reduce and blue reflect are super helpful. I’m interested to see what Kong owners say about him after the buff.



@ChelleATC, would you be able to give us some insight please?

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Mitz is an ice hero killer in raiding bud. She’s pretty handy right now. Mitz would be my choice from what I see you have leveled in Fire

Questions you never thought you would see on the forum for $100.

Very interesting question I am about to level Kong and have a maxed Mits. I have to say, in the big picture of DoT going around that Kong may be the right choice. Mits is great against blue “if” you can get her average mana off before the fast DoT blue hero. Fact of the matter is Vela generally gets off first…in which case Kong would be more help. That said, it is fun to kill Finley and/or Vela when you can.


No kidding…was even bummed a few months ago when Kong popped out.

The consensus here and on reddit seems to indicate that Mitsy is the preferred choice. I have 9 rings, so I’ll probably take her up first and then kong when I get the remaining 3 rings.

Sure she is a good hero but, how many have used the new Kong?

I’m a Kong lover (purely game related y’all!) out of pure necessity! No Zim, no Mits and got lucky this past month to finally pull GM! But Kong was awesome and now more awesome on my mono team after the buff. Sadly stripped him of his emblems to give to GM for D, but he’s getting them back now! He has my heart since I relied on him for so long. Not very strategic of a response but he’s still on my red mono in this age of Telly!

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Mits gets my vote the defect on Ice is a game changer

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Mitsuko will complement your current red heroes best. You already have Zim for red cleansing and Grazul for blocking so Kong’s secondary effect isn’t essential in your case. Mitsuko is so much fun to use on offence. Works even better if you have mana troop 23 or can pair her with any S2 Sakura family hero like Kage for extra mana boost. Kong works best with Wilbur and Anzogh on offence. Also Mitsuko is arguably the third best red hero ATM.


Mits was low on my hero list UNTIL Telly cam around. After many failed combination. I have a better than 50% Telly kill ration with Mits, Zim and BT+20. then is 20+Mel&Evelyn or 20+Sabraina&Seshat. It is great watching those blue hero’s self-destruct(of course with a little help they go bomb) there is so much more to Mits than meets the eye

My shortcut thinking is if you already have Zimkitty you don’t need Kong

You’ll always need Mits’ reflect as it is unique. Hope that cuts through the paralysis lol

Mitsuko … I just rarely have a use her niche Can solve

Kong - like the cleanse, but he’s better in a stack

I’m hoarding mats anyway lol

Also OP, imagine a 5* tournament with no green allowed. So who would you use on offence, Mits or Kong? Haha

Mitsuko every time. 20 chars

That’s why I was leaning Kong…for use in my red stack during wars. None of the reds that I have hit particularly hard.

I usually go mono green against Telly/Vela/Finley

But Mitsy has the awesome reflect, mana cut, and direct damage lol.

Mitsy is on her way finally. Already at 4/50 and ready to start hunting Finley and Velas.

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