Need to rethink my setup, please help

Been playing for about 3 months, and I really need help to rethink my herod line up, and what heros to prioritize leveling up first…
I do have gems enough for 3x10 pulls
Any input are more than welcome…

  1. The Ace
  • Wu Kong
  1. Healers that increase attack
  • Boldtusk
  • Kiril
  1. Heroes that decrease defense
  • Wilbur (keep Gormek if you find him but Wilbur is better)
  • Grimm
  • Tiburtus
  1. Heroes that decrease elemental defense
  • Frida
  1. Heroes that could make you earn class emblems

  2. Heroes you would use for certain encounters (cleanse, dispel, mana control, counterattack)


Whatever master @FraVit93 said. :joy:


Never seen zudak and needler at 40+20, how do they go? Similar for greymane at 50+10. These are unusual choices, but if you’re enjoying yourself who am I to judge.

In terms of heroes you have some great stuff. I would take Frida, Kage and BT as far as you can. Also, Hansel is amazing in challenge events and on some titans so put him on your list. Stop training Hu Tao and start on wu the magic monkey, he is a priority for Titans. Put Grimm on your list after Frida. And after BT Wilbur is next red priority

You have got the ingredients for a very powerful team here, well done! You really don’t need to pull any more heroes for a while I don’t think, lots of very nice stuff to train after all these


Well the two and three stars were my first :joy::joy::joy:
Had only 3* blue for a long periode until I made a very good 10x pull.
Thank you, it is very appreciated :+1:

Wow! 3 months playing and you already has the likes of Kageburado, Hensel and Frida in the line up.
How many pulls you did to get Kageburado?

Btw, you should set your target prior to leveling any heroes.
If you want to compete at the top straight away, you can’t go wrong with probably Wu Kong or Gretel, Kageburado, Frida, Azlar and Hansel on a rainbow team. The only problem was getting the ascension material like damascus blade, royal tabbard, telescopes, tome of tactics and so on.

For 4 * ,perhaps, Rigard or Tiburtus(with Kiril), Hansel, Boril(Kiril), Gretel and Wilbur.

3 * are easier and faster to max though. Can be a good learning curve along the way to the top.

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It’s tough to advise without knowing what your aims are?

  • If you want to do well in wars, then you’ll be better served putting your 5*'s on the back burner until you have 6 full 4* teams(faster and cheaper to level with less mat requirements)

  • If you want a solid raid defence then you need to concentrate on maxing your best tank first then 4 heroes that will complement the tank

  • If you want titan scores then Wu and Wilbur are priority along with any defence drop heroes you have(Grimm, Gormek, Tiburtus) followed by any attack buff ones(Boldtusk).

For me, the ones I would concentrate on based on what you already have maxed are Wu, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Rigard, Grimm, Tiburtus and Hansel in that order.

For raid and war defence on the tank front, your options are Boril or Kash, two of the best 4* tanks around, and Azlar who can be a serviceable 5* tank with the right setup.

Kage and Frida are also great heroes but levelling them will take much longer than levelling 4*'s so if war is your focus you may want to put them on the backburner until you have a few more teams.

Gretel and Kiril would probably be up next for me, then Sonya and Caedmon who are good fast hitters for raid offence and war teams.

Of the ones you already have ‘in progress’, i’d stop levelling Hu Tao, Skittle, Danzaburro and Little John because chances are none of them will see much use once you level all the guys listed above.

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Got Kage in my 2nd 10x pull.
In general I have been lucky to get mixed color and heros, except for blue ones.
Did 2 10x pull in blue and now I only need a 5* green and yellow. Will do 2 x 10x pulls in Atlantic this weekend, hope to get the last two colors needed…

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You’re indeed lucky. I more than 30 pulls at the last atlantis and the best I got was Wilbur and Kunchen as a bonus. The rest are dupe and feeders.
If Gravemaker and Alasie is making a comeback, I may tempted to to do 30 pulls again.

At least, you’ve got a strong foundation to start with.

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25 pulls
2x Sumitomi

No 5* but ok all in all

That is a good collection of 4 *.
Did 3 pulls with Atlantis points. Pulled the meals in Namahage, Mnesseus and Hawkmoon. I guess I am done.

Although the likes of Kageburado, Alberich, Ariel, Pseidon and Hel is quite tempting, I may keep my gems for the phantom where most of the fast and furious 4 * are available.