Help picking hero’s

Haven’t played in about 2 years. Looks like I was just upgrading random hero’s. Can I get help picking hero’s to focus on.

Frida, Falcon, Wilbur


4*: Wilbur/Falcon, Kalo, Gretel, C Kiril, Merlin
5*: Red Hood, Frida, BossWolf

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I put some titan teams together for you, you could work on these to improve your titan scores and hopefully that will help you get the ascension materials you’ll need faster:

For green titans:
Wu - Boldtusk - Wilbur - G. Falcon - Scarlett
Scarlett for high attack stat, she’s best LBd and with costume bonus +20 emblems and a crit troop but i see you don’t have her costume yet. you could also go with Elena for high attack stat if you prefer, if you have the rings to ascend her.

for red titans:
Wu - CKiril - Kiril - Frida - Grimm
never hurts to have both Kirils, Grimm has very high attack stat.

for blue titans:
Wu - Melendor - Little John - Skittleskull - cIsshtak
no EDD here but cIsshtak for def down and lots of high attack stat 4s if you have emblems for them. you could swap BT for Melendor for an additional attack boost instead, but better to stack as much green as possible and just use red (bear) banners for additional attack boost

for yellow titans:
Wu - Rigard - Ameonna - Tiburtus - Sabina
Ameonna may end up only being used for titans, but she can be helpful. the others because they are very useful outside of titans, especially highly emblemed LB. you can use banners again for additional attack boost.

for purple titans:
Wu - Danzaburo - Gretel - Li Xiu - Wilbur(?)
These all have good attack stats when emblemed, and you could use an off color defense down here, Wilbur would help with survivability also.

In addition to those, for map progress, a good rainbow team with a couple of healers should be sufficient for a while. for wars, think about working on leveling 3 rainbow teams of 3*s because that will go faster, and then you can run 3 different 3/2 teams for war and at least of cleanups even if your alliance wars at team power levels you can’t reach yet. and eventually you can use something along the lines of your titan teams for 5 of your war teams when they are all ready also.

hope that helps!


Wow thank you very much did not expect to get a post like this. I will definitely start grinding.

I currently use Wu, Frida, Rigard, Wilbur and Caedmon for the map. I’m at S2 26-6 and it’s getting tough, anyone you would suggest to replace? Or a team that would synergies better.

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In my honest opinion I would first max out 3 x 3* rainbow teams.
Then for your 4* heroes I would first focus on levelling up:
Wilbur, Boldtusk, G.Falcon, Kalo, Caedmon, Melendor, C.Kiril, Sonya, Tiburtus, Scarlett, Grimm, Wu Kong,
And your 5* heroes:
Frida and Bosswolf
Whichever heroes you choose good luck


I think you need to do a complete restart. Depending which part of the game you enjoy most you´d upgrade different heroes.
As a general advice: Get 3-5 3 star heroes in each colour maxed first, so you can play in tournaments.
then do the same for 4 star heroes and only after you are done with that look at your 5 star heroes again.
That way you´ll be able to play 3 and 4 star tourneys as well as participate in wars relatively quickly at least. You´ll also be able to field OK titan teams and play the 3 and 4 star events (and usually even the 5 star events can be easily completed with 4 star heroes).

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That makes sense I couldn’t do anything in this tournament. It’s going to suck but it is definitely needed. Thank you for the advice.

The good thing is: Upgrading 3 and 4 star heroes is much faster than the 5 stars. With the feeders you need to upgrade 1 5 star you can upgrade instead 7 3star heroes :slight_smile:
Especially the 3 stars are done quickly and you can start playing some parts of the game which then helps you gather materials for the next step.

I have been playing Empires and Puzzles for a while now but I have also taken long breaks inbetween, Now that i actually started doing some research on the heroes and troops I have come to learn that I have recycled some pretty good troops and heroes because i thought they were not that great compared to what i have or what i got!! So now I am asking all you wonderful people for advise on putting together THE BEST team to concentrate on maxing out BEFORE upgrading the rest… and any that are complete waste of time and i should get rid of!
So at the moment i am working on upgrading Tiburtus to replace Renfeld, Guinevere to replace Wu Kong with Ronin Monkey costume, and Fenrir with Sobek keeping Arco and Wilbur… My concern is that I am not sure if i have enough attack heroes?? So my question is from my heroes I have below what will make up the STRONGEST 1st team for me and then question number 2 are there any heroes that i have here that are not worth keeping?
4 Stars – Tiburtus; Merlin; Rigard
3 Stars – Renfeld and Bjorn with Costume

5 Stars – Guinevere; Celidana
4 Stars – Wu Kong (with Ronin Monkey Costume); Gaurdian Jack
3 Stars – Rekhetre; Pixie

5 Stars – Sobek; Fenrir; Miki
4 Stars – Boril; Grimm
3 Stars – Vodnik

5 Stars – Arco; Grace; Horghall
4 Stars – Hansel; Peters; Brynhild
3 Stars – Gnomer

4 Stars – Wilbur; Zhou Yu; Gaurdian Falcon; Sumie
3 Stars – Wagas

Thank you

Do you have anything upgraded at all? Would be good to know so you can build up from there rather than start from scratch.

If nothing is upgraded start with upgrading 4 or 5 3star heroes in each colour. Since you get most XP by feeding same color heroes it is best to work on a rainbow team all the time.

Once you are done with that move on to 4 star heroes and do the same. Depending on how active you are in the game that can take quite a long time, half a year, or even more than a year.

After that is done start looking at your 5 star heroes.

So out of the options you have given, the best choice would be to work on Bjorn, Rekhetre, Vodnik, Gnomer, Vaqas.

You have a decent defense team right there: Rekhetre or Waqas as tank, the other one and Bjorn as flanks, Vodnik and Gnomer are good for wing with their good speed (wouldn´t place them anywhere else).
Pixie is a very good option for offense so max her next, Renfeld is not worth it without his costume (the only hero of the list you can feed away without thinking too much).

Many things will change until you are done with 3 stars, so you can think about that later, you certainly have nice options there, don´t give any 4 or 3 stars away until you know you have enough of them done :wink:

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I have been playing for some time now, i have finished season 1, 1 level away from finishing season 2 and about 15 levels into season 3… i am looking to get a stronger power team… i am finishing it difficult to Raid with the team i have! Here is 2 pics of my hero roster

So you really have only 2 fully upgraded heroes: Renfeld and Wilbur.

I think there are 2 answers to your question though:
1 is on how to improve your raids and
2 would be to ignore raids and instead build up a useful roster, which will make you better at everything, but in the near future not improve raiding.

The problem with 1 is: I would tell you to max Grimm, but you probably lack the materials to ascend him. To get materials you need a better roster and play other parts of the game. So really 1 is not an option.
The answer to 2 is in my above post. Start building a 3 star roster, then move to 4star, then move to 5 star.
You need 3 star heroes so you can play 3 star tournaments and events to gain better loot.
Also join an alliance where you can kill titans for more loot. You can do a lot of things with 3 star heroes and gain much better loot than you are gaining right now. By the time you have 4 or 5 of the 3 star heroes maxed in each colour, you will also have gained materials to fully upgrade some 4 star heroes. Repeat the process and you will gain the materials necessary to upgrade 5 star heroes eventually. And yes you do have very nice ones! But you do not have what you need to max them,so don´t waste your time upgrading them for now.

Thanks for the advise, i am 1 warm coat short of fully maxing Grimm which i am going to get shortly with the frost match quest but before speaking to you i was going to use them to upgrade Sobek and use him instead of Grimm or Fenrir, but now that i have spoken to you i will complete Grimm! Do i leave arco out my 1st team for now also?
Renfeld i have had since the very beginning and only recently got other dark heros!
So do I leave Renfeld in my team or level up Bjorn?
So i will work maxing out

Once i have finished them would you suggest that i do my 4 star heros or jump to 5 (depending on my ascention materials) can you do me 1 more favor give me my best rainbow team in 4 and 5 stars please

Thank you

Use whichever hero works best a the time, I can´t say how well half upgraded heroes do compared to maxed 3 star heroes. Raids are just not very important early on. If you have trouble winning to fill the mission chest, put up no defense, then you´ll be bumped down and get easy targets again next round. You will eventually get to building a proper defense.

Again: Use who you have, you have good heroes, but you have far too few heroes maxed. Your Renfeld will definitely be useful for many things until you upgrade many more heroes, eventually you will stop playing with him (or get his costume), but for now he is your strongest 3 star hero.

Maybe read my first reply again. What I would do is:
Upgrade 5 heroes at a time (1 in each color) and feed heroes of the same color, you gain more experience that way.
Upgrade 4-5 3 star heroes in each color before doing anything else. that means a total of 20-25 3 star heroes.
Then do the same for 4 star heroes.

If you have the mats to fully ascend a 4 star all the way, sure go ahead upgrade Grimm (or Rigard, Hansel or WuKong). But get back to those 3 stars ASAP, they are more important early on. Oh and Grimm may be best for offense on Raids, but generally speaking you would get more use out of Boril in events as well as him being a good defensive tank.
The point is to bring heroes to the maximum level, not to have many half upgraded heroes.

Also right now you don´t have enough 3 star heroes, because you fed them away, but don´t worry they will keep coming back, just make sure you upgrade the good 3 star heroes with the highest priority, when you don´t have a good 3 star to work on, you can start bringing a 4 star up and switch back when you get the next 3 star.

For those who underestimate 3* heroes:

Maxed and emblemed 3* hero is a bit stronger than 4* at 3/60 or 5* on 2/60. LBd and emblemed 3* is about an equivalent of a maxed unemblemed 4* , a bit weaker defensively but with stronger hit.
3* (LBd and emblemed) are strong enough to finish rare quests (including 5* mat stage), are strong enough to win first stages on all season maps (yes, S5 too!).
There is a thread with contest how high on the map you can go with a single 3* hero. AFAIR, the best result for now is somewhere in 18 province of S1. With ONE 3*, not a 3* team.