Time to rethink my defence team

Hi guys

I would like some help in aiming for future development of my defense team also i would like to know whether to put adjustments depending on condition like in wars
Depends on the buf

Also beacuse i am in mid level alliance mostly i get hit only once and rare twice. So the question is how to build a team that is “immune” to clean up…

My best green is hansel which is good but i feel maybe i should switch him with other greenź. Or frida to support magni

Also i reluctant to pass mats barrier because i intend to make more pulls. Maybe i will take magni all the way because he is my only five hero i see in the top 100


Ussaly I have justice as my tank but in wars i have bt for that because he is red and we have red tanks

Hi Ace

I think that you need to pick some clear priorities to level up, and do single colour training on five heroes at a time. Your roster indicates that you are training various heroes to part levels. It’s generally optimal to pick your next five and take them as far as your materials will allow

In blue, clearly it is Magni or Frida. Up to you, but I would probably give the scopes to Magni, especially if your focus is rainbow defense. Frida is probably better on titans if that is your preference . BT with a Magni flank in defense is great

I will look at your other colours and provide more suggestions


Green finish Hansel, then Melendor if you have the shields. You probably need to focus on four stars generally, For war depth anyway

Red finish BT and Wilbur, they work brilliantly together. I think my next priority would maybe be Anzogh, as with Wilbur and BT active he melts opposing teams

Yellow finish Wu for titans, and Jackal for same reason. Not sure about Justice, she is my diamond tank but she isn’t that wonderful in other areas. Maybe wait for a while to see if you get anything more versatile

Purple finish Rigard, then Proteus then Tiburtus

With all of the first priorities, please take them as far as they will go with your available materials, and train only matched colours (red to red, green to green etc) to increase your efficiency. And highly recommend not changing your mind part way through and training random other stuff!

Good luck

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War is priority for me. Yes

The thing about finishing is this. It takes forever to advance even one level of 4.40 four stars or 3.30 five stars

So i wonder about the logarithmic nature of this. 80 20

In the price of hansel to 4.70 i can take another green to four and create variety. Another hansel that i have or caedmon with his debuf

So i guess i ask. Do we really get so much from finishing the heroes? Maybe embelms now i yhink about it

About changing my mind i wonder about wars. Maybe take my Frida s up so they will survive and connect them with sonya. Becuse Frida and magni for me are amazing team together. And i would like to have another pair like this for wars

I guess if you see it differently do what you want. I think over time we get best results from maxing heroes as far as they will go. Your best attackers will be able to take on better defenders and score better points, and importantly help clear the opponents board, which is the way higher level alliances win

At least finish your fours to 3/60 for good depth, that is the best level for mid range war depth as not hard to train to, and doesn’t use any unfarmable materials

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The thing i always switch. Every color i find different combination. So i take rigard up but the the enemy is red and i take kiril instead

The only place whete there is sone fix iz in the defence

Also about the defence what do you think the best one is?


But i hear ya and will advance a few to be maxed.and you tight about the mind changing…haha…

I don’t know why but usually with this defence i get attacked only once per war. Maybe peolel afraid from them? I dont know

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