Need some team build advice

Hello E&P community, this is my first time on the forum.

i’ve been play for a while (F2P) and feels like lost in the jungle. as i cant analyzed which hero i should keep, ascend or drop them out of my roster.

team 1 and 2 is my main atk and def team (raid - stay at platinum, quest, chest filling, story level) seems like go no further.

i need some advice to move on cos its seems like a lot of work should be done after atlantis pull. thanks in advance.

Level Proteus ASAP :wink: he will make your job way easier ! And you will discover s new way of playing this game :partying_face:
You should ascend both Scarlet and Triton, as they both hit very hard and their specials are great!
I don’t think tou should ascend Kash or Boril for now or ever. Keep them at 3/60
Li Xiu is a good hero and can pair very well with Proteus. Once she is done, you could level Joon to 3/70, as you don’t have any other yellow 4*.
You should consider finishing Brienne, she is very good and she is almost maxed.
Bring Skittle to 3/60. Don’t touch Gobbler unless you have no other hero to train.
You have a good 3* roster and your maxed hero are great!
For defense, i don’t know how effective Guin is at 3/70. You could try
Mel - Grimm - Guin - Cyp - Scarlet/Triton
Grimm - Hu - Cyp - Guin - Scarlet/Triton


One more dart for Guin. That’s tough to wait on.

I recommend maxing Proteus and Triton right away. Also Scarlett and Sumitomo as you can.

Your defense could be effective with

Melendor, Proteus,Guin,Triton, Scarlett.

You’ll get a little def bump for Atlantis family. Then as you level other heroes you can swap them in and out. Congratulations on getting the best tank in the game.


I don’t know your alliance situation. Alliances are all different. Some help out their members and others do not. Some are active and some not so much. Your obviously interested in progressing in the game.

Make sure your alliance fits your needs, if so that’s great. If not there are numerous good alliances in the alliance recruitment section of the forum.

Thank you for both @J1mau and @Killen-time for great guidance.

So Proteus should be my first priority from now on. Guin should be fully ascened after getting the final dart. After Guin, Joon will be at 3.70 await for more darts and orbs. Li Xiu will be full ascened cos of the ascend materials should be more easy than *5 hereos to obtain them all.

What do you think about Colen and Azlar? should i maxed out Colen before leveled up Azlar? cos many players suggest that you should finished strong *4 heros before build *5 team.

I still hesitate about ascending Scarlett or Colen atm, but Scarlett should be maxed first according both of your advices.

My alliance is good, they help me filling my titan and war chest as usual. But they cant give me a proper guidance cos of the language barrier. (I’m Thai and they are Turkish)

Also i considered that how lucky i am after single pull on this Guin from the last Knights of Avalon event lol.

Guin was a very good and lucky pull. I don’t really like Colen and don’t have Azlar. Azlar is rarely a threat on defense. I would lean towards leveling Scarlett then Colen and maybe you’ll have a better red 5* by the time your done with them.

Other people will have better guidance about Azlar.

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