Need help developing team

My current priories are attempting to improve my heroes to help my alliance better kill titans and not being a leach in AW. My hero bench is not very deep so far, but I would appreciate advice on what would be the best direction to go with what I have. I have attached my hero list and the team I took to the last AW. Thank you all for your help in advance. :hugs:

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Hello and welcome to forums.

Nice rosters, next project for your depth rosters, IMO.
Red: Scarlett if you have mats or next 2nd Namahage is also good idea (you already start leveling)
Blue: Kiril (ascend), Sonya, Boril, Triton, 2nd Grimm
Green: Melendor, Caedmon
Yellow: Li Xiu, Hu Tao, 2nd Vivica to 3.70
Purple: Proteus, Rigard, Tiburtus, Domitia, Ameonna (usefull for ofense war, but not defense)

For defense war, you have alternative good tank candidates: Boril, Hu Tao, Rigard.


In my honest opinion I would focus on the following:
Green - Finish Kashhrek then both Caedmon and
Blue - Finish Kiril and Sonya then Triton
Purple - Finish Proteus and then Rigard and Tiburtus
Red - Finish Scarlett and Colen
Yellow - Finish Li Xiu
That should get you the mats to start levelling your 5*.
But please remember to level at least ten x 3* (two of each colour) as you progress


Thank you both for your advice so far. Its hard to decide who to pick to level next especially if I am short on the ascension mats :laughing:

Should I be picky on ascending people while I wait for five stars or just ascend what I have got?

Ascend what you have got at 3* and 4* before you rush to level 5*. Think of this as a marathon rather than a sprint race. Your 4* max heroes will get you the mats to level any 5* in the long run. And a maxed 4* is better than a 5* stuck at 3/70


Ascend best *4 heroes, even you will get best *5 heroes later on.
It is cheaper mats, faster to level, and usable for both tournament / event challange epic and legendary.

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Finished Kashrek before war time! Right now working on Sonya and Dominita. Been feeding yellows to second Vivica.

Thinking of ascending Cademon/Melandor, Scarlet, and not sure on yellow.