Hero setup help please

Yes, another one of these, help with my hero posts. I’ve been running the same defense for a while and thought maybe I could improve it. Hero’s when listed are from left to right so the first and last are corners, 2 and 4 are flank and 3 is tank. Maxed unless otherwise listed, +x means max + emblem level, etc.
Right now I’m using Triton+6, Melendor+8, Kiril+6, Joon(3.70), Scarlett+4.

I also have max gaderius, Tiburtus, Grimm+6, Wu Kong, Kelile, Li Xiu that could sub in for defense.
Partials are Gormek(4.36), Sabina(2.40), Amoenna(2.8), then level 1 and unleveled Skittle, danzaburo, chao, Hu Tao, Colen, Tiburtus, Scarlett, Kiril x2, Wu x2, Li Xiu, .

5* are unleveled I just pulled from tc20 about 2 weeks ago except joon who was a summon.
Joon 3.70(1 dart), Khagan(2.30), Vivica 2.20, Elena 1.40.

I’d like to know my best defense from what I have now. And also what my best defense could be once everything is leveled. I have 8 finished in 2 of my tc20s and I check when 10 are done so hopefully more 5s but for now any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Very easy and quick fix in your current defense team. I would switch Scarlett and Joon.

Reason: Scarlett and Kiril synergise very well, their colors and skills complement each other and help your team survive as a whole. Also, Joon works best in the corner.

What that would look like:
Triton | Melendor | Kiril | Scarlett | Joon