Need Some Ideas and Advice for my Defence Team

Hello ; What sould i use? could you please share your ideas…Ty so much ^^

İ got enough amblems for 10x monk and wizard talent classes

You could try running:

  1. Evelyn-Anzogh-Aegir-Joom-Sartana
  2. Evelyn-Ariel-Kunchen-Joom-Anzogh
  3. Evelyn-Ariel-Anzogh-Joom-Sartana

This is only my opinion. :slight_smile:


I like @Bukefal’s second option but with a slight change: Evelyn-Ariel-Kunchen-Anzogh-Joon.

The problem of this team is that two healers is too much. Do you have any other blue heroes?

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Ty for your ideas; i got “Magni” and 3/70 “Isarnia:smile: also i got 12x figther talent ablems :slight_smile:

If Magni is maxed, then Evelyn-Magni-Kunchen-Anzogh-Joon.

If you’re using Evelyn, it’s almost a waste to not bring Kadilen (I’d put them on flanks, Eve on the left)… Wherever Eve debuffs, Kadilen will still hit.

Yes , my Magni has maxed + i could give him 12x talent also :wink:
so like this one?

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İ put them on there becouse Green–>Blue thing… :wink:
If they wanna go against me for 3-2// 4-1 or full Green team in PVP ;then 2 Green wont be good for my team? :roll_eyes:

Sarta Ariel Kad Aegir Joon

Hımm Good idea;ty for that but may i ask a Q pls? :smile:
Who will be Dispell enemies team’s Buffs in that team? wouldnt be some hard? :roll_eyes: :wink:

No dispelling. My def also doesn’t have it. Imo ailment cleaning is more important, especially if you tank green.

Ok ; lets say i got Kadlen as a tank this setup; Then some team like that came and only 10-13 RED stone and boom you died? :roll_eyes:
İ guess Kadlen is not the best tank becouse its a half DEF half ATT as a green 5* hero? ? :wink: :roll_eyes:

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