Help with Defense


I just recently maxed Drake and Kunchen

Before this my defense team was Lianna Rigard Onatel Khiona Joon

I have already moved my emblems from Rigard to Kunchen as he will be my tank on D no doubt.

Max 5* heros I have:


I am thinking Lianna Drake Kunchen Anzogh Joon but I would like to get some feedback from others.

Thank you in advance

I would field this team:

Drake Fong - Anzogh - Kunchen - Onatel - Lianna

In this way Anzogh would fire just after Kunchen but before your other damaging heroes and by casting his special on healthy foes his healing would be great.

Onatel would slow attackers, making Anzogh’s job easier and letting Drake and Lianna charge to finish the job.

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That is a good way of looking at it. This is the reason I ask. Sometimes I don’t think of all the possibilities.

Thank you!

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I am using what you suggested except I swapped Drake and Anzigh’s position.

I just got Richard to 70 and am thinking about maxing him. I will also give him emblems.

Would he fit better than say Anzogh from a defensive standpoint? Or because he would be a wing would he not be worth it?


I think that Anzogh would still be more impactful than Richard, expecially if Richard would be in a corner, not shielding any hero from tile damage.

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Kind of what I assumed.

With Kunchen Richard isn’t really necessary.

I guess I will keep my 8 scopes and hope for something better.

Thank you.

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