Need help with a solid DEFF Team

Hello everybody,
first of all, sorry for misspelling or some other nonsense i write(English isnt my first language).

i am now thinking for a few days and cant decide for which 5s DEFF team i should go, nobody of them are fully developed, cause i focused on my 4s teams first.

I see the developement of the 5s heroes in long term, so it doesnt matter how good the developed at the moment for me(dont mind if they are just 1.1), i also dont need an rainbow deffense cause i alrady have a good 4s rainbow for my farming.

ok, i really appriciate every input and thoughts of you guys, cause i havent thought a lot of tactic, deff, and so on in the past. i need a good solid deff team for war/raid (offense and titans i do quite good i think).

so here are the heros i can built up:

purple:kunchen,sartana, domitia

yeah i recently put some bucks in and i am happy how everything turned out :slight_smile:

like i said thank you firstly reading this and secondly for every tip, oppinion you can give me :slight_smile:


Marja Joon Kunchen Alice Eve

But there are definitely some more options with your great couple of heroes…

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Thank you very much,
was thinking of kunchen as a tank too, who as a tank is almost the most difficult decission for me.
i have some materials to put in them, but its a tough call, thats the funny part of the game i guess :smiley:

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Imho if slow, then tank…

maybe a fast team…but it would be too squishy i guess without a healer


but investing in kunchen shouldnt be a fault

Nope, healing is the key to pass multiple mob waves and I always take at least one per team in wars, too.

As defense implies defensive I also prefer to go with healing there.

I didn’t regret spending feeders to my healers first. Helped a lot to pass world levels.

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Have a look at this:

Link taken from Anchor of 7DD, this is his page:

It’s a list of hero grades for different positions. You still need to think about how specials combine, and which hero to place where. But this sheet is helpful and a good place to start.


oh ok, thank you, definitely gonna take a look!

Take a look, but keep in mind that this chart is not the Bible. Not everybody agrees on this hero grading. Take this for example. It grades Cyprian as C on offense, which in my opinion, as a day to day Cyprian offensive user is as far as possible from the truth. Grading Cyprian C for his offensive value means you have no idea about how to use him. Used the right way, Cyprian will take out whatever 5AOE present on the board 100% of the time and also many 5 snipers under the right circumstances. That in my humble opinion is far from a C… Also he can be of great help against the fast mana heavy hitting bosses in events or quests…


i see, thanks for that advice, i havent got cyprian but he also can be annoying to face sometimes if he is in Deff, i definitely think he is a good hero, and you are right, C is maybe a little bit unfair.

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