Need some critique on my defense team

Hey so recently I’ve been starting to get a bit competitive, and while my team thus far allows me to stay in low gold relatively comfortably, I’d still like to seek some advice on improving upon it. So here’s what I have currently:

To start, the only other 4/70 heroes in my roster are Wilbur+6 and Scarlett+0, and neither IMO are great for defense, so not a lot of choice here, and I basically am stuck with what you see for now for the foreseeable future.

Let me critique my own team first:

  1. Rigard on right wing is highly non-ideal; however I do have his costumed maxed and paired with a lv 5 mana troop, he is at least faster-than-average, which provides a small bit of saving grace.
    Ideally he should be on left flank, however since I run BT as tank, I’d prefer having hitters on flanks, as two healers side by side just don’t project enough firepower. Plus they provide convenient tile dumping spots for enemy teams to charge up all their heroes and take out my snipers in one go.

  2. Grimm is a bit squishy to be on flank, but given his average speed, I’d rather take the chance that at +11 he’ll survive some tile hits and go off at least once. Since Mist is on left flank and she is fast, if Mist fires and Grimm follows up, it’s pretty much a death blow to at least 2 heroes.

My train of thought when constructing this team:

  • BT as tank because he’s the most sturdy, and also if he can go off at least once before dying, that +48% attack is going to really hurt. Plus him being a fighter means there’s a chance of him reviving, and since he is tank, it’s highly likely he’ll be fully charged if revive procs, so he can instantly heal himself up and boost team attack when he revives
  • Caedmon is fast and at +9 a decent sniper, plus he dispels, so he goes on the left wing to remove any buffs the attacking team may have
  • Mist on left flank because she slows mana generation to a crawl, applies a buff blocker, AND gives -34% def against specials for 3 turns. Basically if she fires and she hits the key heroes, the attacking team is in deep doo-doo
  • Grimm on right flank because ideally I’d want him to fire after Mist has already applied her debuff, making his ramming pulverizer even more deadly
  • Rigard on right wing because, well, I want to run a rainbow defense and he’s the only 4/70 purple lol. Also using his “normal” version for defense as I assume when he’s ready to fire, it’s probably mid-late match and half my team is dead, so that 42% instant heal at least provides one last chance over the 609 HoT the costume has

Edit: I should add, since I have very limited choice of 4/70 heroes, I’m more looking for advice on hero placement. But if you guys think there’s a way to somehow incorporate Wilbur+6 and Scarlett+0 into defense and make it work, I’m all ears.

I’d only switch Grim and Rigs. Grimm is too fragile, gotta wing him. Not sure about Mist because I don’t own her, but caedmon and boldtusk are always cool dudes to keep inside your team.

Faster heroes to the outside, slower ones in.

Mist | Rigard_c | BT | Grimm | Caedmon

I am not sure if you would really need 2 healers. I would use Rigard with costume, even the attack buff overwrites with Boldtusk.

Place colors to protect each other.

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Bit too passive… No good being durable if it can’t knock your attackers down.

  • BT is probably your tankiest so that makes sense… I can see why you’ve done it and it does work well.

  • You’re right to put Caed on left wing to get dispel first

  • Healers on wings (Rigard, in this defence) makes an easy target… As the attacker you’d just ignore them until the damage dealers are down, then you basically can’t lose. Low level wars maybe (makes harder cleanup for newer players - no tie breaks plus war boosts make it work much better there).

One possibility…
Tank Rigards costume. It’s beefy enough and you don’t need crazy amounts of healing.
Not because he’s a better tank, but because it opens up options… Unless you have other darks you didn’t mention?

Caed - Mist - cRigs - Grimm - Scarlett

It’s got more bite and that may well help - especially in gold/plat where many attackers are limited for choice and attack a bit gung-ho.
Grimm is a bit flimsy to flank but your thinking is generally correct.

Everything is a work in progress… Always.

Defence shouldn’t be the priority and it doesn’t look like it has been - you’ve got a great mix of hero’s to complete tasks and win attacking raids, great job :slight_smile:


Thanks, this actually gave me the push needed to finally throw all my rogue emblems on Scarlett and take her to +6. She’s my only maxed rogue, but I was saving all 135 of my rouge emblems I had for Jackal, which I don’t even have lol. Yeah it’s gonna suck to lose 5% emblems, but I figured it’s better to make Scarlett more viable in the meantime than to let those emblems collect dust for 3 months. So now I’m running Caed-Mist-Dapper Rigard-Grimm-Scarlett. I’m kinda excited to see how this new defense holds up :slight_smile:

P.S. Only other purples are a 3/60 Merlin (not good for defense), 3/41 Cyprian (ha just no), and a 2/60 Ursena; Ameonna and Sabina at 1/1. I think I may actually push Ursena to 3/70 when I get my next set of trap tools, unless I get Proteus or Tiburtus, in which case they’ll get dibs on the trap tools.

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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but just wanted to add one last followup and say I’ve been loosing way fewer cups overnight since I adopted Bubbles’ suggestion and gave my def team more bite. Turns out Dapper Rigard is indeed beefy enough, and I’m guessing that +48% attack boost is non-trivial and a major headache even if he only gets to go off once before he dies.

Hell in this war that just ended, nobody was able to one shot my team, even from players with >4100 TP! #feelsgoodman :grin:

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Love it! Really pleased to hear it’s working well for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for completing the circle, it could really help anyone visiting threads like this later (via search etc) to see confirmation on what advice did and/or didn’t work!

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