Help please, Best Defense Team

Help Me Please. Suggestion for my best defense team.

This is latest my defense team

Um… OK first thing that pops to mind, you have three healers, so you can replace Hawkmoon and Belith.

Not sure on blue flanks either.

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I see you’ve spent resources levelling 2* heros, which unfortunately are of little value now given there won’t be any 2* tournaments - apologies :frowning_face:

I’ve read a rainbow def is best. So you could try from left - given you’ve already levelled a number of heros…
Bane, Grimm, Brienne, Rigard and Nashgar,
or swap in Grazul for Nashgar because she’s at 3:1 - but you’d need to swap Rigard and Grimm as then you’d have two passive heros on the same side and it’s easier for the attacker to stack heros to there.
So Bane, Rigs, Brienne, Grimm and Grazul. I’m not sold on Brienne as tank, so I’d try this team out on the map levels. @Scarecrow can I get your advice please on a best defense team.

I’m thinking Li Xiu would be your best option at tank, but at 2:44 she needs feeding.

Your 5* heros take lots of mats to level, and if you’ve read many threads on the forum, the best advice is to level up a few rainbow teams of 3*, then 4* and then 5*. I think you’ve tried to do everything at the same time. That’s tough.

Anyway, GL :smile:

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Stop levelling the 5* for now - unless you’ve got the mats to max them, you’re wasting time and resources (leave them where they are!).

I don’t subscribe to the church of rainbow defence - it’s rarely a good plan to double up the tank colour, but flanks that resist the weak colour of the tank can work well…
Rigard is your obvious tank candidate for the moment, so in that case I’d use two holy flanks if I had them available. LiXiu will be much better there when she’s completed.

If I were you, I’d take back a bunch of emblems and distribute them on more useful hero’s… Ganju is much less useful than Bane, so take the monk emblem from Ganju and move to Bane.
Take the cleric emblems from Shaji and move to Pixie.
Take ranger emblems from Sharan and move to Berden.

If you’re using a healer at tank, you don’t want healers behind them - it’s too negative and you need to kill the attacker, not just dig in and make it last longer.

For now…
Valen - Bane - Rigard - Pixie - Berden

Focus on your 4* - Grimm is great offensively maxed and would improve upon 3* when maxed, but he’s flimsy at the best of times, I wouldn’t use him in defence just yet.
Kelile is a good 4* sniper, do her too.
LiXiu is a great defender and useful attacker, especially costumed, you want to be working on her also.

Don’t eat the maxed 1*/2* until you have 30 3*/4* done… For now they’re war teams, but take back the emblems and be prepared to eat them when the time comes.


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