Defense Team Suggestions?

My current team is:

Grimm–Li Xiu–Boldtusk–Rigard–Colen
(all maxed with 6-7 talent points each)

This team has done well for me for a while, winning 75-80% of incoming attacks until right around the 2100-2200 trophy mark, at which point the win rate takes a nose dive. I have a deeper bench to work with now including some decent 5* heroes so I think it’s time to change it up.

My current roster is:
(not showing 4* duplicates)


Gregorian (x2)
Little John
Jack O’Hare

Wu Kong
Li Xiu



To keep it simple, pretend all the 4* are 4/70 and all the 5* are 3/70 (I can level up heroes if needed - basically i’m looking for general feedback based on the heroes themselves and not their current progress)

Some questions I have…

  • Gravemaker is obvious but should he be tank or flank?
  • Is Proteus any good on defense teams?
  • How about Kageburado? If so, flank or wing? Better or worse than Sartana?
  • Do I have enough 5* options to make a viable full 5* team or would I be better off just using 2-3 of them until I get a deeper 5* bench to work with?
  • I love Colen but have I reached a point in the game where I should be avoiding slow attack speed like the plague?
  • Are there any reasons besides color matching tanks to not use the same defense team for both raids and alliance wars?
  • Would your reccomendation change if the 5* were 4/80 instead of 3/70?

And of course…

  • What’s your reccomendation for a defense team out of my heroes? (and in what order?)

Thank you in advance.


GM is your best tank option for now.

Proteus can work good in def team.

Kage flank, better than Sartana IMO.

You need 2 or 3 better 5* for all 5* def team.

Never is too far in game for slow heroes if they are work for you.


If 5* is on 4^80 its only make your team better.

How important is having a rainbow defense team? Is having a rainbow team at the expense of not potentially using heroes like Sartana or Mitsuko actually worth it?

Depends what your objectives are in the game, but not that big of a deal.

Defense is only a minor part, aw and trophies (which don’t meant much).

Offense is key and how you earn rewards to keep progressing.

Guess it’s whether you have the mats to max two 5* of the same colour

In the raid, I feel like even if you make your team stronger than others, the game is rigged and there will be a point where you are meant to lose and win. I tried to gain my special powers for my heros but then the opponent gains it faster than me then uses it like 3 times on me and destroys me. So unfair. Starting to feel disappointed. I’m confused by why is it like that.

If you run a Yellow tank you can run Kage/Sartana; if you run a blue tank, Gravy and Mits can work.

But doubling your tank colour is just like putting a “kick me” sign on your team

I prefer rainbow team, my teammate have Blue-Green-Red-Green-Blue and it keeps him over 2400 easy.
Basicly if you have good heroes in your team it doesn’t matter. If raidinh person have good board he/she will won, if board is bad your team can won even with 5 slow heores in one colour.

@maldos04 Yes, I know defense is only a minor part but it’s the part I specifically created this topic for feedback on. I have offensive teams good enough to complete all 3 tiers of challenge events, have 6 strong teams in alliance wars, complete rare quests and class quests, etc. What I’m choosing to focus on now is raising my trophy count which I feel is primarily being held back by my defense team since I can maintain my count up to around 2200 but anything higher and I get knocked back down from being attacked. I also stated that I’m looking more for input based on the heroes themselves and not their progress so whether I have the ascension materials or not is irrelevant as we can just assume I do or will.

@Halifax I understand not using Mitsuko then for that reason but i don’t see why it’d be beneficial to use double purp with a yellow tank since they’d be the weak color against an enemy purple stack (which is what i assume they’d use against your yellow tank)

@Radar1 Ya, boards can make or break any team but was just curious to hear others personal experiences and gleam some insights from them. I’m also trying to gauge just how much color should be prioritized and to what extent, etc…I might try your suggestion the way it is and with Sartana in place of Greg or yellow just to experiment.

If I may pick your brain a bit more…I’m assuming you chose sonya and suggested her left wing for her fast damage and enemy team buff removal. If I’m not mistaken Caedmon does the same thing but has slightly higher attack but a lot less defense. Does the higher defense on sonya outweigh caedmons slightly higher attack even with it being in the wing position or was it more a choice based on color? I’ve also read that the current meta tends to overall favor damage over defense so trying to understand more how people prioritize them.

If you have Guin as a tank, and run Sartana ans Kage… the enemy stacks purple to deal w Guin, then their purple tiles do 1/2 damage vs Sarty/Kage.

Specials aren’t generally effected by colour unless specifically stated, so Sartana’s Death Strike hits their purples for the same damage she’d hit other colours.

@Halifax thank you! Makes more sense to me now.

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