Suggestions with Defense team

These are my 4 Star heroes, just looking for some suggestions for a decent defense team…Thxs in advance

Rigard, Skittleskull, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek, Caedmon, Melendor, HuTao, Danzaburo, Bloodtusk, Buddy, Li Xui, Wilbur, and LJ…Thxs again

Edit: also have Chao

Sustain strategy
Rigard Cead Boldie Danzaboobo Grimm

Tibs Caed HuTao Gormie Grimm

Tibs Buddy Boldie Li Grimm

Assuming they’re all equally levelled
I’d try

Rigard - Li - Boldtusk - Caedmon - Grimm

Rigard to fire first and cleanse debuffs
Li cuts everyone’s mana
BT is very sturdy up front
Caedmon for sniper/dispell and strong to blue fired at BT
Grimm is a good hard-hitting blue - strong to red aimed at Caedmon


Progressive = All Your Defence is Belong to Us!

That’s vicious :rofl:

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