4* Defense team help

Hey fam, so I’m just now finishing up my third set of 4s and I’m trying to re-evaluate my best defense team. I’m not so much looking for who to ascend to make it better (though all opinions are welcome), as much as which configurations to try.

I’ll probably be selecting my next projects soon, but i plan to do some pulls during teltoc so I’ll be holding off on making ascension decisions depending on how that goes.

Thanks in advance!

Lol, my roster would help

Sonya Boldie Li Rigs Peters


Thanks :blush: I’m planning on testing out a couple of lineups, I’ll give this a try

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Can anyone else give me suggestions? Looking to try out a few different setups

What Olmor suggested is probably the best. Since costumed rigard does similar things now as boldtusk, maybe you can try a bit more punching power - replace bt with colen or proteus for rigard and see how it works.

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Caed - Proteus - Li - Rigard - Colen

I don’t like more than one healer per team… I target multi-healer teams, always have done.

Proteus is squishy and generally not my choice on defence, but it gives attacker something to think about… Do they stack for your tank and then struggle with flanks, or stack neutral and hope?

I tend to believe that a well thought combo that flanks are both strong to the tanks weakness works well.


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