Need some advise for 3* heroes and 4/5*

I been playing this game solo for a month and never read any post online until i start feeling why enemies are always stronger. My main lineup “Kelile 3/46, Wukong 3/50, Cyprian 3/55, Thorne 2/60, Little John 3/45”, always lost in raiding against bunch of enemies who can heal and buff. My danzaburo, Grimm, Skittleskull are untouched at 1/1. Any advise?

Secondly, until the recent event i realize we do need 3* heroes too. So these are my current 3* heroes; Tyrum, Nashgar, Azar, Graymane, Carver, Melia, Bane, Kailani. all level 1/1
So Azar or Nashgar? Melia, Bane or Kailani?

Stronghold 14
1 x TC 13
7 x Farm 13
3 x Mine 13
4 x IS 12
3 x FS 9
Wt 14

Get that Grimm up to speed as fast as possible. He’ll be a gamechanger.

I prefer Azar over Nashgar, but both are decent 3*.

All three of your Holy 3* are excellent. I would probably do Melia first, as she can help buff the rest of your team and you have some snipers (Kelile, Azar, Tyrum) already.

On that note, once you have Cyprian at a stopping point start on Tyrum.

Noted, question!

Speed up Grimm is to replace Thorne?

So the 3* lineup would be (from left to right), Melia, Graymane, Tyrum, Azar, Carver?

Yea i dont have ascession items for Cyprian 4/1, would start on tyrum

Absolutely. Grimm is more useful until Thorne is at his peak. By the time you get the materials to max Thorne you’ll probably have a better 5* blue. Grimm will stay part of your team until the end-game.

Hm… On that 3* line-up I might actually do Kailani before Melia. You don’t have another healer/protector and she’d go a long way.


First of all @sWetsWet you have already done an amazing job getting your heroes levelled in such a short time and you have not wasted any resources or time in doing this.

I’ll answer in two parts, in reverse order to how you have asked:

  1. You are absolutely spot on in saying that you need 3* heroes. It is the most important first step in this game. While levelling them you will learn about how to form your teams, position your heroes, how to level heroes, how to raid etc. Of the heroes you ask about: Bane = yes, Tyrum = Yes, Nashagar = yes. Then Kailani, Azar & Melia. There are many other 3* heroes that are worth levelling, to my mind, the most important after the afore mentioned are Valen (yes!), Berden, Belith, Balthazar, and Gunnar. There are good Atlantis and Event heroes as well, but honestly, just ask when you get them because there are so many. Having a strong base of 3* heroes is the key to success in many aspects of this game.
  2. If you want to have a 4*/5* defence team based on your current heroes: Danzaburo / Cyprian / Little John / Grimm / Kelile. It’s not an optimum 4* team and I would argue that you would be better off with a mixed 3* and 4* team at first.

Some notes: Grimm is a must-level hero (for everything). Wu Kong is a must-level (for offence & titan). Kelile and Little John are much better than @Anchor amazing guide gives them credit for - especially in the early to mid stages of the game. Cyprian is worth levelling as well, because of his help with events and tough map levels. Thorne is not worth levelling any further than u currently have him.

I am very happy to give additional advice if u have more questions

In the meantime, this may help:


Noted, will be leveling up while trying to get better 3*

Of course, i never had a single resources wasted, in the meantime my iron storage is full now while 2 buildings are upgrading and resources ready to collect. gonna wait for the upgrade completion before collecting the resources.

Noted with thanks

Thanks for all the advises guys, will ask again if i have any more to inquire


Aloha. Hoping you guys can help me out. Been playing for almost a month now and is a lvl 20. my current line up is tyrum 3* 3/43, bane 3* 3/50 maxed, karil 3* 3/45, kashhrek 4* 3/29, kelile 4* 3/33. Im collecting items to finish lvl up Kashhrek and Kelile. I have ameonna, chao, grimm, boldtusk, li xiu, valeria, and danzaburo. My question is, who do i advance and why? i keep hearing gd things about grimm, but what about the others?

Hey @Samoanuso1967 You’re doing great for one month into the game!

As I said above, it’s important to have a good roster of levelled 3* heroes. They will help you with events, quests, Alliance Wars … pretty much every aspect of the game.

You have a good start already with Bane and Tyrum. Both are great heroes. Karil is OK, just that OK. If you get Valen or Gunnar, then level them ahead of him. I mention other 3* above that are worth having. The only one I would add is Brienne.

In your roster, Kasshrek is worth levelling to the max. Take Kelile to 3/60 and wait before levelling. You may end up with a better option. I have Kelile at 3/60 and still use her a bit.

The rest of your heroes are actually a very good bunch. My advice is too concentrate first on the ones that offer the most versatility: Grimm (excellent!), Boldtusk (excellent!), Li Xiu or Chao (I prefer Li).

The other 4* are more specialist heroes, but given that you don’t have another purple hero, then Ameonna is worth taking to 3/60.

That would allow you to set a 4* team that looks something like Boldtusk / Grimm / Kasshrek / Li Xiu / Ameonna

Now I see it like that, maybe Chao is a better choice for yellow because he is fast manna. You need fast hitters when available. SWapping Kelile in for Boldtusk is another way of doing that.

Valeria and Danzaburro have their place, but you actually don’t need them for a while yet.

It’s absolutely worth staying on the Forum and asking questions. I also recommend reading that ‘Starter Pack’ that I linked above.

Well done. I wish I had ur heroes when I was one month in!


:smile: thank you very much. That was extremely helpful, especially with the grading you gave to say Grimm and Boldtusk. (was just reading up on the special skills and high highly recommended they are against Titans) An I definitely will be taking your advice the others as well. Appreciate you taki ng the time and i hope you wont mind if I pick your brains for for help later. peace

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Please do ask questions. My favourite part of the game is trying to help others with the questions and issues that I have faced myself. Tag me any time!

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Will do thanks again:)

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I just got myself a sonya from tc13, So i feed sonya to Grimm?

Keep her for alliance war, you’ll need at least 30 heroes for good results.

okay noted with thanks

Don’t feed any 4* or 5* away just yet. Not only will you need them to form a good bench for Alliance Wars, you haven’t really been playing long enough to have a good feel for which heroes are worth the materials and which aren’t, or for which heroes will suit your preferred play style.


@FishDreams Hey, its me again, thanks to halloween promotion, i finally saved up another 2600 gems and summon some heroes.

This is what i have now

Thorne 2/60

Cyprian 3/60
Wukong 3/53
Little John 3/50
Kelile 3/51
Danzaburo 1/1
Grimm 1/1
Chao 1/1
Skittleskull 1/1
Boldtusk 1/1
Chao 1/1
Sonya 1/1

Graymane 2/1
Kailani 1/9
Nashgar 1/10
Carver 1/9
Tyrum 1/7
Melia 1/1
Isshtak 1/3
Vlad 1/3
Azar 1/1
Bane 1/1
Gunnar 1/1
Valen 1/1
Hawkmoon 1/1

Please advise

  1. which 5 of 3* should be maxed first
  2. which 4* 5* mix should be utilized or 3* 4*
  3. which is not worthy and can be fed away
  4. Defensive lineup

I wan to build a solid 3* team first so im not going to further lvling my 4* 5*

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You picked up some nice 4* and 3* heroes! Good one.

I’ll start by saying that I don’t know anything about Vlad, so maybe someone else can jump in if I get the below wrong by not taking him into account. Having said that, I try to level event heroes more often than not, so I’m guessing he has value.

In terms of the 3* heroes to level. I don’t think you have a good 3* nature yet. Flip a coin and level either Ishhtak or Carver. I think Carver given that he hits all enemies. It would be great if you could get Berden or Belith (especially Belith)

Don’t feed any of your heroes at the moment. They all have value.

As I said above, leave Thorne where he is (forever) because you already have Grimm who is more deserving of the ascension mats.

I have three suggestions for defensive line ups:

The first one is 3* heroes only:

Hawkmoon / Valen / Bane / Gunnar / Tyrum

I’d prefer to see Belith as your healer, that way we could utilise Nashgar as your fire hero and do a rainbow team: Belith / Valen / Nashgar / Bane / Tyrum

A combined 3* and 4* team as a short term solution could look something like:
Valen / LJ / BT / Cyprian / Bane

and a 4* only team:
Grimm / LJ / BT / Cyprian / Chao

This is actually a very good and balanced 4* team. You have lucked out!

I think I suggested other heroes in your roster that are worth levelling in my previous response.

I hope this helps you and answers your questions?

thanks! this is what i need, i was in dilemma trying to arrange and thinking which to utlize first for 3* especially. Looks like i have to stop lvling graymane and go for valen instead

Is this lineup good for event attacking ? Isnt Gunnar suppose to be at mid?

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Yes! Valen over Greymane absolutely.

Normally Gunnar could work as Tank (mid/centre), but becuase you don’t yet have a solid 3* nature, I wanted to separate your ice heroes (Valen & Gunnar). Bane is a good 3* tank, so there’s no issue with leaving him there.

Another way of lining this up is:
Valen / Hawkmoon / Gunnar / Bane / Tyrum
That works, and may even be better

This is a defence suggestion only.

The order of your heroes when attacking for raids or events is less important because you have (some) control in the order that they fire.