3* teams ?..I

Hello l’m just about finished with my 3* primary and secondery teams for events.
I have:
D. Bathazar, Tyrum
H. Bane, Finishings Gan ju.
N. Carver, Berden.
F. Azar, need another fire.
I. Gunnar, Valen.
Healers, Hawkmoon, Belith.
All those heroes are maxed or close.
I have also
Fr.Tuck 3/01, Ulmer in the 2 should i finish them?
Kailani, Chochin, Karil, and just recently Briene are untouched.
I know Briene is a top 3*, but do i need her or any of the others?
If so who get cut from the teams? And why?
Any input will be appreciated.
Have fun.

Carver kind of sucks lol so maybe switch him out for brienne but don’t get rid of him. I still color stack during the 3* tournaments.

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Ulmer’s effect is really strong. He’s worth maxxing imo.


I think Ulmer is worth maxing, also my Kailani sees a lot of use in ares that are limited to a max of 3* heroes. I used her especially in the raid tourney that made all heroes very fast.

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Thank you all,
I thought that Carver would be the one everybody will pan. I like the mana down,but with Azar and Gan Ju he is not obligatory.
I will finish Ulmer.
I,m not a big fan of slow heroes and keep posponing their levelling, I’ll keep Kailani for now, do some research, then make up my mind.
Since i don’t plan on any more 3, except for an additional fire, I’ll level Brienne, retire Carver, and, unless someone from the events, a must have, come my way, close out my 3*, and concentrate on the 4*s.
Have fun.

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Chochin is good at raid tournaments and challenge events, I’d level 1 of him. If you get Gill-Ra I’d level 1 of her too.

Kailini is only good at raid tournaments (she’s good at challenge events for completing them but not for high scores). She’s worse overall than Gunnar though, who you have maxed, so I wouldn’t prioritize Kailani.

Carver is only good at raid tournaments, and that’s mainly on defense. I’d definitely level up Brienne.

Friar is good at raid tournaments too, although he’s more versatile than Carver because he works in offensive teams better as a good support hero. For challenge events he helps with completing them, but not for scores.

Ulmer is one of the only slow heroes that I think is worth bringing in challenge events, because of his high attack stat. I’d definitely level Ulmer, he’s also very good at raid tournaments.

For your additional fire; look for Nashgar or hopefully Namahage. Or one of the seasonal red heroes (Rudolph or Wabbit)

Remember that lots of the tournaments use Rush Attack and everyone is fast!!

Thank you for the info,
Planning on Brienne, I’m not familiar with Chochin but will follow your advice, and try hin on runs.
Fr. Tuck is not my fav. But will try him on monsters and farming runs then decide, already have my healers.
Ulmer is being levelled for the last couple of days, should be done soon.
Keeping my eyes open but fire avoid me like water.
Thanks agai and have fun.

I have not done the raids tournaments, yet, don’t feel that confident, just praticing with revenges.
To tell the truth raids are my least enjoyable part of the game, i do and like every other challenges, events, etc.
Still doing S1, starting lev. 20, did Atlantis lev.1, easy, tried hard and got clobbered, got a long way to go.
Still thanks, have fun, keep the amusing posts coming, love reading them.

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I’d prioritize Brienne over Friar tuck myself. She’s very good with her attack boost, Namahage and Khiona are the only heroes that have the berserker attack boost.

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