4* heroes - where to go from here?

Hi everyone!

Basically your standard “Totally lost on what to do” thread :slight_smile: I’m looking at the following hero roster and I’d really love some advice on who to focus on leveling and what defense/offense team options I have.

Stonecleave 1/1

Sonya 4/29 (costume 1/1)
Agwe 3/60
Kiril 1/1

Boldtusk+5 (costume 1/1)
Scarlett 3/37
Wilbur 2/16
Kelile 1/1

Kashrek 4/67
Gadeirus 1/1
Skittleskull 1/1

Wu Kong 3/60
Li Xiu 3/21 (costume 1/1)
Chao 1/1

I also have these 2 5* heroes (I put some time in these before becoming sane again):
Jean-Francois 1/38
Vivicia 2/42

My current raid defense is Viv-Cyp-Kash-BT-Grimm.

From what I’ve read here and there Li Xiu or Wu are potentials for replacing Viv in my raid defense. I like Li for this but she isn’t ready I feel.

Opinions seem to vary wildly as to the usefulness of Cyprian but I think the combo I have there is the best I can do for now.

I feel ascending Agwe and/or Wu isn’t really worth it but I’m open to different opinions :slight_smile:

For offense I really don’t know. I feel I am missing good hitters. I used to run a relatively succesful Grimm-Cyp-Kash-BT-Agwe team but it’s useless against riposte and very slow to charge. I am now replacing Agwe with Sonya and on occassion Wu.

And I am torn about using Cyprian and/or Kashrek in my offense.

Any and all advice is super appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Bonus question: Clearly, I am currently out of (useful) Purple heroes to level up. What would be a good hero to look out for? Should I use the elemental summons or wait for Valhalla/Atlantis and take my chances?

Hi @justerik

Welcome to the forum, although it sounds like you’ve already done plenty of reading.

What size titans are you fighting?

I’m sure a lot of people will immediately notice your reticence I level Wu. If you’re fighting smallish titans that might be fine, but to survive bigger beats, you’ll want him levelled.

While a lot of people agonize over their defence, it actually plays a relatively small role in your overall success. Ability to complete trials, quests and challenges produces many more materials and thus accelerates your team a lot quicker than worrying about whether you list 100 or 200 cups overnight.

So, you can definitely get advice on your defence, but that’s not the direction I’d be pushing the team in.

Who to level then?

Definitely finish Sonya and her costume is also great

Kiril is great everywhere, ignore Agwe

Scarlett is fine, but Wilbur is superb for titans

Li is fine but I actually think she’s better without the costume (max the costume to get the bonus, but don’t equip it). The deeper mana cut is much more useful than a little damage increase.

But, as I said, max Wu

Viv and JF are both excellent but will drain your resources, so park them for a while.

As for your current def, I think it’s too passive in the long term. Move Grimm to flank and drop a healer.


Rigard plus costume
Proteus in Atlantis
Sabina… don’t pull for her, but if you get her, cool.
… I’m sure there are decent purple event 4s… but I’m drawing a blank…

I agree with everything @JonahTheBard said (shh, don’t tell him) Adding gadeirus to the list for his attack boost and heal for titans.

Oh. And welcome to the forum!!


Including my controversial opinions on using stray dogs to power huge treadmills as a source of renewable energy?

Also purple heroes - tibertus and costume are very functional, Jafar is ok, Cheshire cat has some use on titans, stonecleave is untested, amoeba is awkward,

Edit - Boomer is clearly forgetable


Ameonna? … EDIT… this must be amoeba.
Jabbar? …EDIT2… Jafar is the bad guy in Aladdin. Are you combining Gafar and Jabbar??

How did I miss tibsC?! (Shame on me… I even have TWO maxed with emblems… must be the early-morning-no-coffee-forget-the-most-obvious-of-things syndrome.)

… and dogs on treadmills? I can see the functionality in that.


Yes. But SG didn’t do a very good job of concealing Jafar in Gafar…


Thanks so much @JonahTheBard, both for the warm welcome and the extensive post!

What size titans are you fighting?

We’re fighting 6* titans. I generally do ok in terms of damage (3 colors plus Grimm plus WU is my go-to team as I read somewhere the -def of Grimm is actually preferrable to the +atk of BT).

Is that considered smallish? When does one call a titan average-ish? :slight_smile:

So, you can definitely get advice on your defence, but that’s not the direction I’d be pushing the team in.

That’s a really great insight, thanks!

as I said, max Wu

Your advice (and the agreement of @Math4lyfe) tipped me from “should i?” to “I should!” and I ascended Wu to continue leveling him :slight_smile:

As for your current def, I think it’s too passive in the long term. Move Grimm to flank and drop a healer.

I’m load testing BT-Grimm-Kash-Cyp-Wu as my defense team. Is that a step in the right direction? Still feels passive (until Wu fires and it’s mayhem). Maybe Li when she levels up? Or Sonya? Means no rainbow but the blue tile damage is good and she dispells…aah too many choices :sweat_smile:

@Math4lyfe and @JonahTheBard Also some great advice on heroes. Rigard and Proteus are very high on my list of desireables. I like Stonecleave in theory (also because I already have him) but I’m loath to spend a lot on him before I see some more opinions. The sand heroes I’m totally unfamiliar with. Haven’t played long enough to have played that event and you don’t seem them that often in raids I feel.

Including my controversial opinions on using stray dogs to power huge treadmills as a source of renewable energy?

:thinking: It’s a step away from the classic (and proven to be very threadmill-adjusted) hamster but I guess that’s what makes it a disruptive idea.

Thanks again!! :chocolate_bar: and :coffee: for you both


Welcome to the forums.

I’d finish Kashhrek, he’s almost done.

I’d finish Sonya & her costume before I did Agwe. Kiril is probably next up after Sonya.

Wu is definitely worth it. I’d finish Wu for titans, but he’s not a defense team hero really. Use him primarily for what he’s good at - offense, especially Titans. Vivica is very good, but as a 5* she may end up sitting at 2/60 for a while, but you can get her there once Wu is done, or after Li Xiu, if you prefer.

Wilbur will also help you on Titans, and is more generally useful offensively. You also have Boldtusk’s costume, which is useful, because it boosts him, and he’s very good. I’d probably work on Wilbur first, as may get a second identical costume, which would help leveling immensely.

For purple, I guess you could work on Stonecleave to wherever they get without using ascension materials. Maybe Balthazar if you have him unleveled, or a good 3* purple.

I have never used the elemental summons, and don’t plan to, even though I’ve been out of useful Red heroes/costumes multiple times. I agree with Rigard, Sabina, Tibertus as good basic purple 4*, and Proteus in Atlantis is my pick for best hero in the game - not strongest, but most useful.

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You could try Kash flanked Sonya and Grimm. Kash encourages the opponent to stack red, and these will then be weak against your blues.

First of all, thanks @Zteev en @JonahTheBard for the additional advice! Wasn’t able to reply sooner.

I’m doing much better in raids now, both because of your advice in leveling and team composition but also because I’ve been staying much (much much) calmer. I’m super competitive so it’s hard for me to deal with randomness but I’m doing ok.

As for heroes…

Wu Kong and Sonya (the original) are a few levels away from maxed.
Scarlett is at 3.60 and awaiting mats.
I also maxed Mnesseus and Chochin as they came highly recommended for 3* tournaments.

Right now I’m working on:

Dark: Just pulled Bjorn so setting Stonecleave aside for now
Ice: Sonya, then Kiril
Fire: Wilbur, then a choice between Kelile, Nashgar or Ei-Dunn (I’ll do my research when Wilbur nears max level)
Nature: Gadeirus, then hopefully a newly pulled hero or I’ll max Brienne. Skittle is a last resort.
Holy: Wu Kong, then either Lu Xiu or Kvasir (the bee guy)

So it’s a bit of a mix between 3* and 4* heroes. I’m happy with that :slight_smile:

My one question at the moment is whether I should focus on leveling Sonya’s costume or Kiril first. I’m leaning towards Kiril because of his use with titans.

Thanks again all!

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Kiril is certainly more versatile and always a favourite.

Sonya’s costume will be relatively quick to level and will also boost the standard Sonya, so if you need a cleanser quickly, you could do c.sonya first

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