Need some advice with my 5* Red Heroes

Got a Nice Problem with my Red 5* Heros. Got lucky with my Valhalla summons and got Gefjon and I also have Gravemaker and Lady Loki. Who should I Level up first? Definitely leveling up all 3, but right now I only got mats for one.

My only other Red 5* are: Elena +6 and Maxed Anzogh.
I focus on Titans and Raids but also looking to replace Elena on my defense. On Defense I got Alby +9, Elena +6, Guin +5, C. Magni +9, Kageburrito +3


I would level gravemaker , absolutely love mine and it goes well for defense

I only got Gefjon and still unleveled but I think I would level them in that order:

  1. Gravemaker - very fast and great on offense and defense. Think pretty high tile damage, so also great on titans
  2. Lady Loki - Awesome special attack. Would love to have her. Seen some vids and she seems very powerful
  3. Gefjon - Can’t remember the last time a 5* hero was released with so little text. But I love her anyway, she is pretty straight forward but looks good. Like a better version of Lianna in red.
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Forgot to mention the emblems… Got emblems for Gravemaker to take him to +5 and for Gefjon to +10. No emblems for Lady Loki :cry: Used them all on C. Magni.

Not as straight forward a choice. You focus on Titans and Raids.

Gravemaker would take the lead for raids but for Titans I’d choose Gefjon as her attack damage is 45 points above GM. Plus, you can give her more blems than GM to make her even stronger.

In this case it depends on which of the two you want to focus on more, Titans or Raids.

Lady Loki is for offense only IMO. Where you can control when she fires to maximize her effectiveness. So she’s out to max first then.

The way I see it, you could either run:

Alberich | Kage | Guin | cMagni | Gefjon


Alberich | cMagni | Guin | Gravemaker | Kage

The second one is better but it would be subject to class conflicts with GM and Kage. The first one seems the safest to avoid emblem conflicts.

Gravemaker is the best flanking red defender in the game. Definitely max Grave 1st. After that, it sounds like you’ll need additional speed. I’d probably do Gefjon over Lady Loki as you already have a slow hero in Elena, and average speed hero in Anzogh.

One more vote for Gravemaker :+1:t2:

One you have gravemaker finished first you can assess the other two. If telluria and other minion makers are still well utilized, I’d go Gefjon. If not, Lady Loki is an offensive dynamo!


Gravemaker, when raiding and used on Def he destroys i went all attack with emblems to increase dot. Him and Grazul are great together if you have her.

Gravemaker, Gefjon, then Loki.

Thanks all you guys for the input. Already feeding Gravemaker. Still kind of glancing sideways at Gefjon and she looks really tempting. :rofl:


She is at this point the best/strongest red sniper in the game and eliminates minions before she hits. Pretty awesome and can’t blame ya for that.

No brainer. GM all the way

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