Help needed! Which of my seven 5* reds gets the rings?

Hey everybody. I love reading all the advice with the best heroes… Now I need some direct advice. I have lots of 5* heroes, but have only just started maxing them. It’s time to raise a red 5*. You can see all my options, my current defense team is the bottom row (with Gormek). Who would you raise to complete the squad? I suspect many people will suggest Gravemaker…

On raids, wars and titans I always play monocolour, but want a rainbow defence team.

Thanks in advance, all advice is appreciated!

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I vote for Gravemaker. If you have a level 11 mana troop he charges with just 3 ghosted red tiles, and his damage output becomes pretty brutal.

Also I would recommend leveling up Wilbur when you get the chance. He’s a great hero for raids, titans and tough map levels.


@SWino I am gonna cast my vote for Gravemaker. As I am sure the majority of folks are gonna suggest the same thing. He is one of the top tier heroes. And I have gone up against him in raids.

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You are going to get overwhelming support for Gravemaker, and for good reason.

Some considerations against Gravemaker could be:

  • who do you want as your barbarian 5*?
  • if you want Azlar, then perhaps ascend him first so you can emblem him
  • if you want Kage as your barbarian because you want Kage on your defense team, then you may not want to ascend Gravemaker until later so that you can put some other red on your defense team (like Mitsuko or Marjana).


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Gravemaker ofc. He’s probably the best red hero. Ascend Wilbur after him, then Marjana.

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I would go in my opinion :

  1. GM
  2. Mitsuko
  3. Marjana
  4. Anzogh
  5. Azlar
  6. Khagan
  7. Elena

Gravemaker, Gravemaker and then Gravemaker again.

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It’s gravemaker hands down.
2. Mariana/mistuko
4. Anzogh/azlar
6. Elena
100. Khagan.

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Always GM, not even close.

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In my honest opinion it has to be Gravemaker 100%

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Thanks for this. Yes, I’ve got the troops and am levelling them to catch up to the defence troops I already had. I’ve seen lots of comments about Wilbur being really good, I’ll definitely get him moving after I max Gravemaker. It all takes so much time! :smiley:

Love your ranking for Khagan :smiley: Yeah, he was my first red 5* - I only use him now as second-string red team for wars.

Thanks everybody! Gravemaker it is.

@ModernThinker good food for thought. I expect it will be GM, so no conflicts with the class as far as I can tell, but I hadn’t considered it all!

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