Next red heroe

Hi folks,

I will soon be able to level another red 5*, and I was wondering which one…
My red ones maxed : Queen of Hearts, Red Hood, Gefjon
In competition : Marjana-C, Lady Loki, Tyr, Jean-François, Guardian Kong

I’m currently considering Lady Loki, since I don’t have a maxed 5* cleaner for the moment, and she could be really nice in the current meta. But Marjana-C will be useful against titans, while Guardian Kong is also a cleaner/hitter, Jean-François a good support/DOT heroe, and Tyr is quite interesting too.

What do you think about that ?

Yeah. Marjana excels against green titans, and in raids and wars where your other red heroes deal damage to at least 3. But I don’t see much synergy with your already maxed reds with each other.

If you have BT, Wilbur and Falcon, I would advocate maxing Kong only if you are a mono-user or adept at using 4-1. Kong also cleanses status ailments, but not like LaLoki who disperses and distributes them to the enemies.


I prefer 3/2 or 3/1/1 configurations actually. I’m not very fond of mono or 4/1 because they are too much board depending, and less skill based (even though there is no really skill in this game, because of the board). Moreoever, I lack Guardian Falcon (Marjana-C could replace him in my roster). That’s why it’s not easy for me to make a choice.

When I first saw C-Marjana I thought that would be the clear winner, but this is a tough choice. I do think Lady Loki is the alternate choice, but I’d have a hard time passing up C-Marj who will be a staple of your red lineups.

Would emblems come into play here? If would emblem Lady Loki, but not C-Marj I’d reconsider.

If you have Lord Loki and The Hatter, definitely Lady Loki. Those 3 are really fun together. otherwise, Costume Marjana

It is a difficult choice indeed, and I think I will put Marjana-C to 3/70 before making a decision. Lady Loki is already at 3/70, but too squishy for the moment to really shine. I mean, I think she must be maxed to be really useful.
For information, Marjana-C would get some emblems, but Lady Loki won’t (I must finish Guardian Panther).

Yes, that could be an interesting combination, unfortunately I don’t own the Hatter.

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