Need helping what yellow to level up

I got dart… which will be next good yellow to give it to. Ranvir next month will be the best choice. Posiedon is max already. Not sure I’m going to use Guin for defense. Or maybe I should. What do you think… I got other yellows I haven’t level up yet.

  • posiedon max.
    -onatel 3/1
    -joon 2/60
  • Inari 1/00
    -justice 1/00
    -guin 1/00
    Vivica 1/00
    Leo 1/00
    I got my full atlantis as defense and offense

Offense / Defense or Titan?

Mainly for offense and titan

Decide due to class and how often you use em. Depends on your roster and your needs.

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Ranvir would be excellent for titans and nothing else in my opinion.

Guin is still one of the best tanks in the game.

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Offense and titans based on your available yellows, I would say Joon and Inari.

Joon - high tile damage + blind
Inari - high tile damage + dodge for all allies

Both helps with survivability against titans.

For offense however, Joon is the obvious choice since he can basically snipe down most heroes while blinding them.


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