Help with another yellow card to max

Finally i get 6 darts, my current yellows are: Malosi +9, Norns +9 and Sif +19. Who i should ascend next? Joon or Ranvir? For titans i got Miki, but Ranvir can be useful on purple titans, events. I can give 8 talents to both of them. Strike from fast-blinding sniper would be good too. Share your opinion about it.

I would go with your avatar… so +1 for Joon, fast solid sniper.


Another for Joon. You don’t have a great sniper in your maxed yellows so he takes it easily imo.

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Joon, definitely. Even in purple titans you can use Miki.

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Thanks for your thoughts and fast reply, I will max Joon then :smiley: I shouldn’t regret it.


Joon definitely. I am working on #2.

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Joon. No need to max Ranvir if you already have Mikki

Joon for me.Ranvir can wait…forever!!!

how many Joons are tooooo many. Got two leveled(+11 and 4-80) with two more on bench along with tKung fu panda, leo and Nieth. the other attack leveled/emblemed yellows are Drake, Leo, G panther, Onatel and gretel

Joon for sure. Ranvir should never replace miki against titans.

For me, I don’t think Ranvir would even replace Wu.

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