Who to give my darts to?

I have onatel and joon at 4 80 and I’m debating on who to use my darts on I have justice,ranvir,vivica and inari at 3 70. I wasnt sure if i should hold on to it till i get Poseidon or Delilah down the road. But who knows when that will happen. Thanks for the help:)

Ranvir, in my opinion, is good, mostly, for titans!
Inari - there are a lot of topics about her!
I’m not a big fan of Vivica and Justice…slow…meh!


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Between these three i would lvl inari,if you have wu maxed no reason for ranvir imo since no 13* 14* titans around yet

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Me, please.

20 darts needed.

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I’m finding Wu can get one shotted by some eleven stars, so Ranvir’s ability to take a hit might be valuable

I quite like Justice, if you have a yellow tank strategy in your alliance could be worth it

Overall though I’d probably ascend Joon, he is very very good all round, and fast mana, so very handy

Guys, he/she has Joon and Onatel at 4/80 already. :smiley:

My advice: If you don’t have Tarlak, I’d ascend Ranvir. He’s gonna be important for the higher titans that will probably be introduced shortly.

If you don’t want to max Ranvir for some reason I’d go with Inari instead. She’s fun and can save yo booty like she did mine so many times already :wink: :tada:


Ah right then, in that case I’d go Inari just cause she is interesting and has a high attack stat

Ranvir, then Viv and 20 more healers.

Time to use Wilbur if you are hitting Titans that high

Generally using him only on greens, going Mono a fair bit on others. I might try a few hits with Wilbur. I certainly find Aegir worth taking on the reds

I’m pretty pleased with Ranvir, better than expected.
Inari is wonderful, the Dodge saved many battles.
Both can compensate with there high att value / tile damage the low Onatel.
If you plan for raids (with all three of them in one team), go for Inari! Ranvir’s misses can ruin your hits.
If you look for titan, Ranvir is certainly a better choice.

I will go Ranvir, …that +46% elemental def buf would come handy for your stack yellows against dark Titans ., plus fast mana means he will keep renewing it.


In my honest opinion it has to be Ranvir 100% all the way

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