Need help with setting up my defense team

Hello all,
Need a little help setting up my defense, After reaching to number 2 on the local and 10 on the global. I tumble back to my average trophy at 2500 average.
These will be my 5* hero, either max or going to max. Posiedon (max) Ursena (3/40) Ariel (max), Guin (1/1), Atomos (3/40)
The Reason I use the Atlantis is because of double stack on the team.
Now the main question is who will be my better red if i put posiedon, ursena, ariel, guin (atomos maybe) with.
I have GM, Khagn, Red Hood, azalar, anzogh, marjana
Thank you for all your feed back.

If i get ranvir… should i max him instead of guin?

Ranvir is like Wu Kong, best use is for offense and Titan.

For raid and war defense, Guin is top tank.


you’re sitting at a pretty comfortable 2500 which is good for diamond.

I would use Guinevere before Atomos on defense. He’s annoying to kill when he’s in flank or center but he is competing with Guinevere, Ursena and Ariel for those spots.

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Thanks. I never thought about using him lol… what color red is good… thats the question i trying to get.

Gravemaker imo out of all the red heroes you have.

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