Need help with teams for war. Decisions, decisions 😄

So I can’t decide to leave my teams as they are or switch them up for the up coming war. I’m not changing my 1 or 5 team, but I was thinking of putting Triton with lil John or Gobbler. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

It’s tough to give feedback on preset attack teams without seeing the composition of the opponent.

Good luck with the war

Thanks @Sarah2. I was just thinking overall is it better to have say 1 A team one B team and the rest C’s? Or should I have 1 A, 2 B’s, and the rest D’s? If that makes sense

Stacking heros to take out tanks or the biggest threat first is a great strategy, so rainbow teams are not always effective.

Then again I’ve found rainbow teams handy for a clean up team - stacking up specials by ghosting tiles and unleashing them all at once. There’s an attack bonus this war so yay!

You’ve got some strong heros with Marjana, Li Xiu, Grimm… Jack & Ameonna haven’t figured out yet, and a number of 3* healers with Hawkmoon & Belith to use with each of your teams which is nice.


Thanks for you’re help! I’ve got to get used to changing up my teams. With titans and wars and raids. I always forget to switch them back. But rainbow for Defense?

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I use a rainbow team for defense… there are some great threads with expert advice. (disclaimer - that’s not me)

I’m sitting in platinum (Caed, BT, Richard, Inari & Rigard) and finding people are now gifting me trophies rather than robbing me - which is a new phenomenon.

One of many relevant threads on the topic. New player advice on hero/team composition

Again, good luck in war

You have a nice solid bench of heroes to pick from. When people say ‘show me your 6 war teams’ my response is always ‘I don’t have preset war teams but I have a pool of 30+ heroes I pick from’. This allows me to tailor my offence to best exploit the defences weaknesses and miimize their strength. Fighting a defence that focuses on buffing their own team? I will bring Sabina and Caedmon along. Fighting gravemaker? Best bring Rigard along. Like you, I have a soldi bench of heroes to choose from and am continuing to build on that. Every time I work on a new hero, I ask myself what versatility (or redundancy) do they bring to my war bench.

As Sarah said, the key with Wars is to work together. When you are lower powered (I.e. do not have 30+ maxed 5* heroes) then you are unlikely going to be able to achieve 6x 1 shot kills. Depending on the alliance you are in and their war strategy, you may be assigned the role of clean up or tank buster, maybe a bit of both. If it is the latter, then your goal is to try and take down the opponent’s tank and hopefully a flanker or two. This gives other team members an opportunity to mop up.

You increase your success rate of being able to take down a tank by colour stacking, usually 3 or 4 strong colours against the tank. Even if it is clean-up I still colour stack. Colour stacking gives an underpowered team the chance to take down stronger teams with a decent board.


Thanks for your advice. I’m definitely going to try this, this war. I’ll be more mindful who I’m up against and create offence teams based on their defence, not just doing rainbow teams :slightly_smiling_face:


For me I setup like this…
Team 1: Raid Defense
Team 2: Plan for Future Raid Defense / War Defense
Team 3: Farming
Team 4: Raid Attack
Team 5: Titan Team

For war attack, I just pick stacking color 3-2 against weak color tank opponent. Also sometime use mono color. Minimum has one healer and also decide which more valuable skill efectively againts opponent.

And I consistent attempt to leveling hero each color. (not always if has no good hero to level)

Good luck in war.

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Thanks for everyone’s advice! I did try picking my teams by what my opponents had. I don’t know if it was just dumb luck or I actually made a solid plan. 4 of my 6 flags I was able to take out stronger teams, the other two not so good. Mostly a bad board, I didn’t feel so bad knowing my team mate had the same deal, with the same opponent, and my team mate has a much stronger roster to chose from. I’ll keep practicing in the raids. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks again!


Congrats… It goes without saying, the more you practise the better you’ll get.

May the tiles continue to be in your favour :smile:

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