New player advice on hero/team composition

My wife got me into this game a few months ago and I’m trying to decide on a solid team to build up. My main crew so far has been Kiril, Chao, Boldtusk, Khiona, and Little John.

Based on the heroes I have, what would you pick as an ideal defense and attack team? I just got lucky and pulled Zim, so now I’m rethinking my lineup.

Honestly, you should be placing a ton of focus on your 5* heroes and forget the 4s. Having two Khiona flanking a central Zimkitha would be your best bet with Kiril in the left most spot and Boldtusk in the right most. Little John and Chao are non-factors, Gretal on the other hand, is not. Raise Gretal up because she is the best 4 yellow you have and her special is more useful that Chao.

What is your ascencion mats situation ?

How do you do at rare events?

Your top priority should be to get a team together to finish rare events.

Should be doable with this team if you get the 4* to at least 3/60 ( Boldtusk and Kiril to 4/70 if possible ) and Khiona hopefully to 3/70.

Once you are able to finish rare quests Stacey Turners proposition might be interesting to work on or you can go another way depending on your pulls and the experiences you have made so far.

Great way to start the game. ( Slightly envious :wink: )

Wish you best of luck.

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Hi, welcome to the game.

Actually, I want to offer some alternative advice.

Focus mainly on the 4* heroes for now. It will take you a long time to get the materials you need to fully ascend the 5* heroes. And 4* heroes fully ascended are often better than 5* heroes partially ascended. Having a nice roster of well levelled four star heroes will also give your team depth and flexibility. If you’re interested, head on over to my post which was similar to yours, and see the advice that experienced forumers/players gave me.

Out of your current lineup I would first focus on:
Boldtusk - you’ll use him forever. Gormek is good too, but maybe only level one red for now.
Little John - your only green 4* and I’ve found he can be tricky to fight against.
Triton, his skill will help BT’s heal. Kiril is a solid hero, but his attack buff will not stack with BT’s, but will overwrite it.
Gretel is an awesome hero, I wish I had her. She’s way better than Chao. But you’ll want to level Wu Kong if you get him, he’s a game changer.
Purple, main focus on one of your two four stars for now. Cyprian’s skill is decent for defense and passive attack, and Sabina’s heal is pretty solid too. Having two healers on the main team can be life saving for hard levels/battles.


I agree with @Inigo, 5*s take a ton of time/resources that you probably don’t have early in the game.


I agree With Inigo, you have some awesome 5* but I would forget them untill you have a fully ascended 4* team.

You won’t be able to fully ascend your 5* for a very long time, and fully leveled 4* are stronger then level 3 5*.

With what you have, I would choose :

Gretel - Sabina - Boldtusk - LittleJohn - Triton

Kiril will become helpful in the future, but Boldtusk fits the tank role better.

If you Draw Grimm, I would choose him over Triton.
If you draw Caedmon, I would choose him over little John


I agree with Ochartier.

Caedmon over Little John.
Grimm over Triton.

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Hey Parm. Have a read here as well, some great advice on my team, which fits you too in some respects:

@Parm, I disagree fully with everyone here. Below I’ve provided a picture of 4 heroes (two 5* heroes at 3/70 and 2 fully ascended 4* heroes) look at the slight differences in their stats. Are there some stats that the 4* heroes have that are higher than their 5* counterparts, yes, but the 5* heroes have much better effects that offset their POTENTIALLY lower stat. Either way, it’s up to you, but if I were you, I’d focus on your 5* heroes.

It will take twice the food and trainer heros to bring a 5* to 3/70 than a 4* to 4/70. I can fully level 2 4s for what is spent to get a 5 to 3/70.


@ItsaDragon, quality over quantity, telling @Parm to go with the easiest/most convenient team is a disservice in my opinion. He has three HOTM that he could use on his defense team and I believe that’s where his focus and materials should go. Once those three are at 3/70 he can focus on Gretel and his healers.

@Parm, this is what both of your Khiona will look like at 3/70.

Thanks for all of the advice on this guys, this is definitely giving me more direction on which way to go.

What is your ascencion mats situation ?

For Ascension mats, I have 95% of what I need to get a full set of 4* at the final level. I’m just missing a few items here and there which will probably trickle in over the next month or so from Alliance activities. I have everything I need to get Khiona to level 3, and then each of my 4* are missing 1-4 of the non-farmable items needed to ascend them to level 4.

How do you do at rare events?

During Frostmorne (the most recent) I couldn’t quite finish it out and I was at around 2730 at the time. I felt like I was close, but even with battle items was only making it to like 50% at the final boss stage.

I disagree fully with everyone here. Below I’ve provided a picture of 4 heroes (two 5* heroes at 3/70 and 2 fully ascended 4* heroes) look at the slight differences in their stats. Are there some stats that the 4* heroes have that are higher than their 5* counterparts, yes, but the 5* heroes have much better effects that offset their POTENTIALLY lower stat. Either way, it’s up to you, but if I were you, I’d focus on your 5* heroes.

This is definitely the trickiest one for me to figure out, in terms of where to put my focus.

I think for now it probably makes sense for me to finish out Khiona to 3/70 since she’s already very close to that third ascension and I’m attached to her as my first 5* pull. Then maybe I’ll work on getting Boldtusk and Little John to max, while shifting focus to Gretel and Triton, and saving those ascension mats I was going to use on ascending Kiril and Chao.

Great advice from everyone, if anyone else has any thoughts they’ll be appreciated! :slight_smile:

You are allowed to disagree. That said I feel you are missing the point. Early in the game having a good field of 3* and 4* players goes a long ways in Titan scores (being able to color stack) and having more teams for alliance wars.

In the end @Parm has multiple views to choose from.

At this level, a titan team is not a primary focus. The only people benefitting from a relatively new player raising his titan score ate A+ hittet at 5titan or A+ and A scorers at 6 titan.

Before the OP takes advice here, that player needs to look at which heroes will be in every day play at 2400 cup level. Khiona, Kiril, Zim and maybe Gretel. Focus on team building with an eye on the future

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@Bud, that’s the point I was trying to make. At such a low level and being an early player, worrying about AW and titans isn’t reasonable. Worrying about building a stronger team for the longer run is better.

Hi Parm. I’m a new player too, I’ve spent a bit and now just focussed on levelling what I have.
I’ve gone for the four star heroes first because having them opens up the game both short term and long term. You can see my heroes below - you can see there are five star options which I have passed over in favour of having a decent four star team.

I’m actually performing fairly well in all aspects of the game - map, events, raids, war, titans.
I have the mats to ascend all five of my main team - just short two orbs, one compass and one shield. I am a long way away from having the mats for the five star full ascension. In fact, it’s not unlikely that I’ll be able to level up two four star teams and then level up my five stars, without being any slower getting the five stars up! Due to the long wait for mats.

I would go for the four stars first, dude. Seriously. Also, out of the heroes you have, Gretel seems to me to be so much better than Chao that I’d get her up to speed as priority.

@Inigo, you may like your team, but if you had come to this forum earlier, I would have given you the same advice. Natalya, Lianna, Vivica and magni should have been your priorities because eventually you will want to upgrade I’m assuming, so why waste time and precious materials on heroes you know you’ll be replacing? There is no shame in putting a hold on weaker heroes and focusing on stronger ones as they come.

@Parm, if you choose to focus on your 5* heroes NOW, you will be much better off for it. Sidelining great heroes for reasons such as AW pareticipation and raids to me is a very poor reason and will only hurt your progress in the game. When I first started, I wish someone would have told me these things, but I had to figure this out on my own. I won’t say anymore after this, but if you choose to level up your weaker 4* heroes before your better 5* HOTM, it will impede your progress and hurt you in the long run. Both Khiona, Zimkitha and Gretel should be your focus.

These are the only four star heroes I have maxed out and I started with them first. I stopped working about the others because I eventually started pulling 5* heroes, 5* heroes I knew were more useful.

Now that I have a proper defense team, I focus on the 4 and 5* hero that can help me go the furthest in the game in other aspects such as AW and titans/raids.

My point in showing you all this and telling you all of this is to share my strategy, because right now, I’m one of the newest members of a top 50 alliance and I’m one of the hardest hitters. The other day, I reached spot number 44 in the WORLD when it came to trophy counts and that was due to people attacking me, not me attacking them. My strategy worked for me and it will work for the both of you, Parm/Inigo.

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@King_Kyree77 How comes you dont mention the most important reason to go 4* first?
As stated above this would be the rare events and the ascencion mats coming with them which will accelerate the developing of the 5* heroes later.

As soon as you can beat all rare events it might be a good idea to work on the 5* if you have the necessary mats in reach.

Out of curiosity: Am I correct in the assumption that you have invested quite some money in this game and if yes does this investment include ascencion mats ?

@Parm Like your plan and wish you the best of luck.

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I don’t buy ascension materials, I only buy gems to get tokens, to get heroes, avatars and resources and to skip training camp and other building wait times.

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